New 2016 Honda City Adventure Concept

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Honda does not seem giving up in the motorcycle innovation. Mostly, Honda does not have an interesting design for its field. Surely, Yamaha can be called a king for bike design. Yet, it is absolutely wrong if we see 2016 Honda city adventure concept. This concept has already presented in Milan which is realization of the interesting scooter design fundamentally. Looking at the overall scooter, it is designed as a scooter multifunction. There are no doubts that it will optimize the market field for the city ride. Even it is for off road which can be seen from the two wheels curved to maximize to claw the ground.

2016 Honda City Adventure Specs

Different from the ordinary motorcycle in its level, this one is a large gap in Honda city adventure specs. They are only functioned to defeat the city road without any obstacles. However, this is much more muscled to survive in the muddy road. Honda city adventure supported designed which looks well remodel and strong. Even though it does affect to the speed, but it is believed that they will help the scooter survive in the hard surface. This might be on your list to purchase.

2017 City Adventure Release Review

2016 Honda City Adventure Concept Fusion functions

In short it can be stated that this is a fusion between city bike and the off-road. That is why there are some parts that we can see as pointless parts. Starting from the tire, it is designed with wired spoke. This does not show an optimal point if we prefer the city ride. This is also followed by the upside-down fork which has a high pressure. The last is the high ground heck allowance. Normally, the distance between tires and the fork are short, but Honda city adventure concept high enough to stay away from the mud. In fact, this also will help to avoid the stones. The only one that looks useful for the city use is the windshield.

2017 City Adventure Release Date

Moving away to the city road fashion, handlebars are added with really positioned alike off-road fashion. Honda city concept has a solid chain made from a solid metal in order to strong to get spontaneous acceleration. This is really helpful for the off-road style because there requires a high acceleration quickly. Buyers really agree that it is fits for the rural area or countryside. The counters of the road are mixed and more varieties such as smooth, stone, muddy, and etc.

2017 City Adventure Price

2016 Honda City Adventure Concept The body parts

Generally, the whole body design is edgy and this seems angular from the front, sides, and the rare. Starting from the first part, Honda scooter style deals with the head. There consists of the speedometer, rev counter, odometer, and the light signs. Moving a little bit to back, it is the distance between the rider seat and the handlebar. This empty space has measure surrounding 75 cm. The next in Honda adventure concept is the seat which is narrow in the front. A little bit wider is in the middle and it narrows down in the edge. This will give a comfort experience to the rider or the passenger.

This is equipped with the high vision for the head light and the call lights. This is located in the front as the headlight with LED which can defeat the smog easily. At the same time, the sign light are in the edges of the lights both front and rare. This is a part of the standard option to sign the other riders or drivers that we may take turn. The scooter has a single shock absorber. Yet, this has a sufficient strength to get hard pressure. The most interesting part is the specification and the engine. The scooter consists of the DCT transmission and it is possible to have 745cc. Also, Honda city concept into 54 Hp parallel with twin engine manually.

2016 Honda City Adventure Design

To make sure that it works optimally, we can look after it by changing the oil in the certain time. Some of oil perhaps has the same effect to the engine, but it is suggested to get Honda’s oil variety. It can be inferred that Honda’s oil has mixed and matched the formula to maintain the engine inside oil’s characteristic.

2016 Honda City Adventure Concept

2016 Honda City Adventure Concept Releasing date and price

Previous information has already told that 2016 adventure concept has a prior debut at EICMA exhibition in Milan a couple years ago. Along with that event, the responsible post states that it will take a part in 2017. If it is suit with the plan, this will have a nick name ADV. In detail, they do not want to tell the specific months. Probably, they want to assess the trend of the buyers before they release it in certain month. Hopefully, they decide to tell Honda city adventure scooter price soon. In addition, the price still keeps in secret seriously. Yet, if there is a review and a further detail, it will be our pleasure to share. Hence, follow us in tight.

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