New 2016 Honda CR-V Specs and Price

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Do you want to look for the small SUVs? If you want to do, choosing the 2106 Honda CR-V can be the best choice. This type of car belongs to one of the Honda cars which come with the powerful engine and excellent design. This type of car is specifically designed for 5 passengers including the driver. It means that this type of car is also suitable for carrying the family members. This type of car is also categorized as the most well-known car in the class of small SUVs. Since the year of 2012, this type of car has earned the best competitive position in the SUVs segments and this car always seems to be improving, changing, and growing.

2016 Honda CR-V Specs

2016 Honda CR V Exterior


When it comes to the exterior, Honda CR-V comes with the sleeker design when compared to the Honda CR-V 2015. This present type comes with the additional features regarding to the exterior. There is DRL which has been added in this car for adding the safety driving. Besides that, there are also the LED lamps which are integrated with the Ultra blink in order to give the brighter vision in the dark road. Besides that, this car also comes with 16-inch wheel which is finished with the steel. It of course give the better road grip. Nevertheless, the automaker also gives the 17 inch wheels for the specific trim level, Honda CR-V LX. The higher of wheels of course will give the car more driving grounds. This car is known as the higher SUVs when compared to the other SUVs cars. Overall, the exterior design of this car comes with the elegant and sleek design.

2016 Honda CR-V Exterior

2016 Honda CR V Review


Besides coming with elegant exterior, Honda CR-V also comes with the comfortable interior design. The Japanese automaker has designed CR-V beautifully. One of the great design is the steering wheel which own the optimum weight so that it will not deliver the glossy low weight or the bigger stiffness. When it compared to the other SUVs, there is no such model of steering wheel. Besides that, this type of car also provides the luxury for the customers. The front seats are suited for those who have either thin or big body in convenience. Meanwhile, in the back seats, the seats allow for 4 passengers to sit but they are just comfy for 3 passengers. However, there is little leather seats used in this car.

2016 Honda CR-V Interior

2016 Honda CR V Release Date


When it comes to the features, Honda CR-V comes with the several high tech features. There is an intelligent Auto Control feature which has been installed in this car. This intelligent control is so helpful in easing the diver to drive in road. Besides that, you also do not need to worry while changing the playlist in the audio system. In the terms of infotainment system, the system which is brought to Honda is standard which can also be found in the other types of Honda cars, such Honda Civic, Honda Fit, and the others.

2016 Honda CR-V Review

2016 Honda CR V Price


When it comes to the safety, Honda CR-V comes with the good safety system which can protect the drivers and passengers from injuries. This type of car comes with several safety system, such as: Auto Emergency Braking (AEB), front collision warning (FCW), and Max speed alteration, and High Speed Maneuver. However, all of those safety systems are not found in all of the trims. You can find all in the Touring model and EX trim levels. Meanwhile, in the Honda CR-V LX, the safety system is just standard but it still provide the full of safety compared to the conventional safety system.

2016 Honda CR-V Release Date

2016 Honda CR V Interior

Standard Features & Options

When it comes to the trim level, 2016 Honda CR-V comes with several trim level which can be chose and they are LX (base level), SE (new for 2106), EX (midlevel) EX-L (upscale level), and Touring (high-end). Those will be shortly presented as follows

2016 Honda CR-V Engine

In LX trim level, this car comes with the standard features, such as: Bluetooth, a rearview camera, Pandora Internet, a USB audio, Radio Connectivity. Besides that, this also comes with the standard interior, such as: split folding rear seat, touch screen entry and so on. The price for this trim level is around $24,600. Meanwhile, in SE trim level, this car comes with 17 inch wheels, an alarm, rear privacy glass, and more colors which could not be found in the lower trim level.

2016 Honda CR-V Price

In the EX trim level, this car comes with the features such as: 17 inch wheels, power sunroof, auto headlights, fog lights, improved sound system. Besides that, this car is also equipped with the great LaneWatch blind spot and 7 inch LCD touchscreen. This type of car is sold around $26.800. Meanwhile in the EX-L trim level, the car comes with $29,300 for the price. The features of this trim level are auto climate control, satellite radio, leather upholstery, navigation system and the other features. The top level of CR-V is the Touring Trim which starts $32,900. In this trim level, the car comes with 18 inch wheels, cruise control, driver seat memory, a system of navigation and the others.

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