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Do you want to look for the new motor sport which can allow you in the dirt terrain? 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin can be the best option for you. This type of motor sport has already launched in the early 2016. This type of motorcycle can be found across the dealers in the United States. This motorcycle is suitable for those who want to look for the right vehicle in the true adventure. This motorcycle is designed with the powerful engine and the dynamic chassis so that it will be suited both for on road and off-road.

16YM CRF1000L Africa Twin

Besides that, CRF1000L Africa Twin also consistently delivers the balance of usability, handling and poise either in the dirt or on the road. This type of motorcycle can be the best choice of adventure motorcycle. Besides that, this type of motorcycles also comes with the stunning design which can make surprised for the fans. This motorcycle comes with the excellent color scheme. To know the information of this adventure motorcycle in detail, here is a review of this vehicle. Check this out.

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 2016

Engine and Specs

As mentioned in the previous section, Honda CRF1000L comes with the powerful engine which can allow you to track in any terrains. This type of motorcycle comes with parallel twin fuel injection engine which is suited for the adventure racing bikes. This type of engine is also used in the other types of racing bikes, like Honda CRF250R and Honda CRF450R. This type of motorcycle also comes with the great machine which can deliver the numerous benefits of performance and some of them are a gyro effect which is reduced and lighter weight. This type of machine also contributes to the compact dimensions of engine. Besides that, this bike also uses the lightweight camshaft which is used to operate the valve train. This type of camshaft is also used in the Honda CBR1000 RR.

2016 Honda Africa Twin 19

Besides that, this CRF1000L Africa Twin is also equipped with the dual spark, especially twin sparkplugs in which each of them is used to generate rapid combustion. There is also 270 degree of phased crankshaft which delivers the distinctive feel and sound for its engine. It is almost like V-twin which is helpful for producing the instant response and linear and strong power in the rev range. It means that the sound of the engine will friendly toward the human’s ear. In addition, this type of racing bike is also equipped with the smart design integration. There is a system of dry-slump oil which is completed with the internal thank and it is helpful for reducing the height of the engine. This system is also combined with the head of unicam cylinder and the other elements of design; the combination has a contribution of low height of engine. The lightweight machine produces the ground clearance which is generous.

Honda Crf1000l Africa Twin 2016

Besides that, the engine of Honda CRF1000L is also constructed with lightweight. The pump of water is housed with the casing of clutch. Besides that, the shared balancer shaft drives the oil and water pumps. All of them influence the weight and the size of the engine. In addition, this engine is also designed for the maximized airflow.

2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L DCT 06

Suspension And Chassis

After discussed about the engine of the CRF1000L Africa Twin, we are going to discuss about the chassis and suspension of the motor. This racing bike is perfectly designed with the dual purpose. This type of motorcycle is designed for handling the rugged adventures with comfort. Besides that, this type of motorcycle can also be used for the daily commuter. When it comes to the chassis, this racing bike is also constructed with the agility and strength. This type of racing bike use the semi steel frame with the tubing which is oval-shaped to make sure the strength without adding the weight.

Besides that, CRF1000L also comes with the handling characteristic which is balanced. In this racing bike, there is a battery package which is place in the rear of the head and it contributes to the agile handling. When it comes to the suspension, this type of racing bike comes with the great and luxury suspension. There is a Showa inverted fork around 45 mm and the suspension system offers the compression damping, spring preload and the adjustment of rebound damping. Besides that, this system of suspension is also designed for radial caliper mounting and leading axle wheel.

Additional Features

When it comes to the additional features, 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin comes with the durable construction which provides the ‘unlimited adventure’. This type of racing bike is also constructed with the lightweight body which can delivers the agile feel, slim and great protection. Besides that, this type of racing bike offers the ergonomic seating which is adjustable. There is a quite wide seat which can provide the comfort and convenience while riding the bikes.

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