New 2016 Honda Fit Redesign and Price

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Do you want to look for the new car? 2016 Honda Fit can be the reasonable choice. This type of car comes with the great design and decent performance which can make all people enjoyable while driving the cars. This is known as one of the most well-known vehicles in some countries around the world. When it comes to this car, this car belongs to third generation of the cars since its first generation. Based on the reliable rumors, this car comes with the hybrid version and then, this type of car will be sold in the market worldwide.

2016 Honda Fit Specs

2016 Honda Fit Engine1

Honda Fit will also come with some changes but this car also still keep the basic design from the prior model. Some of the change which can be found is coming with stronger chassis. Besides that, this type of car will also come with the larger space regarding to its cabin. Do you want to more about this car? Let’s find more detail about this city car?

2016 Honda Fit Review

2016 Honda Fit Specs

Engine and Specs

The first thing that should be considered regarding to car is the engine and specs. Honda Fit comes with the few units of engine types. The first engine which is used in this car is 1.3 liter inline four engines. This type of engine is able to deliver 130 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque. It is quite powerful for the class of city cars. Besides that machine, there is also another option of engine which can be chosen and it is 1.5 liter engine. This type of engine is able to produce 130 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque. Besides those engines, this type of car also comes with the Hybrid engine which will be offered by the Japanese Manufacturer. The combination of those engines is predicted will deliver 150 hp.

2016 Honda Fit Colors

Exterior Redesign

As mentioned in the previous section that Honda Fit comes with the prominent engine which belongs to a type of eco-friendly engine, this type of car also comes with the elegant exterior look. This car is also praised with its exterior look which can be attracted for many fans. When compared to the previous generation, this type of car comes with some changes regarding to the exterior. The redesign exterior is conducted to improve and enhance the sleek design of this car. In general, the look of this car is more hostile and it can be shown in the application of streamed lines that are effective to give the greater aerodynamic features for this city car. Besides that, this car also looks better especially in the front part where the grille is redesigned well and the projector front lights are existed.

2016 Honda Fit Release Date

2016 Honda Fit MPG

Interior Redesign

Besides redesigning the exterior design of Honda Fit, the Japanese Manufacturer also comes with some changes regarding to the interior redesign. One of the main changes which can be found in this redesign interior is this car comes with the larger cabin which can enhance the comfort and convenience of the passengers while driving in the car. The cabin comes with the plenty choices and the seat can also move down, move up, right and left as well as in the other combination. For some people, this change which makes this type of car is so unique and attractive. This is designed for ensuring the people to take everything that you need. In terms of the cabin, this type of car undergoes the frontal redesigned. Besides that, the seats also come with more comfy since the usage of the leather seats as the optional choice

2016 Honda Fit Interior

2016 Honda Fit Release Date

Besides the cabin which is designed wider, this type of car which is released in 2016 also comes with the high technologies and one of them is an expanded sight driver, a video camera which is placed on the mirror for easing the driver while driving. Additionally, there are also 7 inch touchscreen LCD display which can be used for controlling the setting of the car. Besides that, there are also USB ports, air conditioning, audio system, and the other common features which are brought to Honda automobiles. Nevertheless, there is one of the fascinating features which are found in this car. That is HondaLink application. This application allows you to have connection to the Facebook, Twitter, Internet radio and also ability to take e-mail, place, and time.

2016 Honda Fit Price


After discuss the exterior and interior of this car, it is time for discussing about the safety of this car. 2016 Honda Fit comes with the standard safety and the featured safety. When it comes to the standard safety, this type of car comes with front-side, dual front, and side curtain of airbags. Meanwhile, for the featured safety, this type of car is also equipped with a system of Honda’s Lane Watch which is used for monitoring the right blind spot by using the certain camera placed in the right side of car. Nevertheless, this featured safety does not come in all of trim levels, this only can be found in Honda fit EX-L and Honda Fit EX trim levels. When it comes to the price, this car will sell around $21,000.

2016 Honda Fit MPG

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