New 2016 Honda Insight Hybrid & Redesign

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Do you want to buy a hybrid car? Nowadays, there are a lot of Hybrid cars which can be found in the market. They come from different manufacturers and they come with their own features and performance. Hybrid car start being the demanded car because this type of car comes with the eco-friendly a fuel economy. When it comes to the best hybrid cars, there are several cars which can be considered and one of them is 2016 Honda Insight. Honda Insight is known as one of the hybrid electric cars which have been manufactured by the Japanese Automobile manufacturer, Honda. This type of car belongs to the third generation.

2016 Honda Insight Redesign

This type of car started producing in 1994 to 2014. In the year of 2014, the manufacturer stopped the production of Honda Insight 2104. The reason of why the manufacturer stops producing those cars because the manufacturer wants to improve its performance and design. Therefore, this type of car comes with the better looks and this car also comes with the new improvement especially about the technologies used in this car in order to make the car competitive. When it comes to its competitors, Toyota Mirai and Toyota Prius can be its biggest competitors. To know in detail about this car, here are 2016 Honda Insight review from each part.

2016 Honda Insight Specs


 When it comes to the engine, the 2016 Insight comes with two choices of engine. One of the engines of this type of car is a 1.5 liter engine with Atkinson Parker. The Atkinson parker engine is known as the new generation of engine and this engine is known as the combination between CVT transmission and electric motors. This type of engine is surely great for just more than 39 MPG. Besides that, this engine also delivers until 140 hp. Besides that engine, this type of car also comes with a 1.3 liter engine which is equipped with the effective electrical motor as well as the double clutch gearbox with 7 speed. All of them will be able to deliver 44 up to 46 MPG and the top of power is just 130 horsepower.

2016 Honda Insight Engine

Exterior Design

When it comes to the exterior design, the manufacturer still uses the precisely similar platform with the Civic Sedan. In the other words, this Honda car comes with the new variations. It comes with more threatening design especially in the larger log cabin when compared to the prior model. Besides that, this type of car also comes with physical aerodynamic body in order to lower the drag. Besides that, this also allows the car to improve the fuel economy climate.

2016 Honda Insight Exterior

Besides that, when it comes to the cabin, Honda Insight comes with the larger cabin where there are roomy cabin which can be fulfilled with 5 individuals. Inside the cabin, you will see the fantastic features with the great modifications. Besides the cabin, inside this type of car, you can also find thin materials, leather wheel, soft control board which is made from plastic, and the 8 inch screen display which is used for a system of GPS. Besides that, this type of car is also equipped with the standard safety system and featured safety system for the optional options. Some of them are balance controls, anti-lock brakes and the airbags for its safety system.

2016 Honda Insight Release Date

Overall, Honda Insight comes with the decent interior features which are utilized with the high technologies. The technologies which bring to this type of car are so sophisticated. However, you do not need to expect the costly features insides. Besides that, this fuel economy car also offers the conventional rearview camera which was also brought to the previous model.

2016 Honda Insight Interior

Release Date and Price

When it comes to the price of Honda Insight, there is no exact information about the price of this hybrid car. The manufacturer itself has not yet announced the exact price. However, this car will be sold in the range of $17.000 up to $19,000. When it comes to the launching, this type of car has already been launched in the beginning 2016.

2016 Honda Insight Price

In conclusion, 2016 Honda Insight can be categorized as one of the most cost- effective and zero emission vehicles in the lineup of Japanese automaker. This type of car also comes with the powerful performance and attractive design when compared to the previous models. Nevertheless, this car still need to be improved both from the appearance parts and the engine performance parts which hopefully can be met in the 2017 Honda Insight. Overall, this type of car comes with the enhancements and compact changes. This type of car also prolongs the line up or Hybrid car from Japanese automaker. That is all the review of Honda Insight. This car belongs to the hybrid car from the Honda manufacturer lineup. This car offers the sleek exterior and comfortable interior, and of course decent drive-train.

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