New 2016 Honda Odyssey Specs & Review

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Honda odyssey 2016 is typically for a family. This has large cabin and the trunks as well. In fact, we can bring some luggage at the same time. However, 2016 Honda odyssey is the fifth generation of the mini-van since 1994. Over that time, Honda has not given fundamentally renewable change even delight looks until now. This has concerned to the remodel things into the interior, the exterior, and the engine. Then, this family van is obviously to compete with the Nissan Quest 2015 and Toyota Sienna 2016. So, what else are changing? This will be elaborated further.

2016 Honda Odyssey Review

2016 Honda Odyssey Price

Engine upgrades

Perhaps, engine is the most importance part that Honda ever did for this car. This has 3.5 liter and it takes V6 engine to produce 248 horse powers and 250 pound feet of the torque. It is also accompanied with gearbox of the six speeds. In addition, the hybrid system is absolutely enhancing this car. This makes the supply of the gasoline will be decreased without losing its power. This hybrid will allow the electric power contributes the power to the front wheels and the fuel will be for the rare one. They are collaborating to run both part in order to get the fastest rotations.

2016 Honda Odyssey Engine

2016 Honda Odyssey Engine

Exterior changes

Generally, there are not remarkable things to notice in the exterior except the number of the seats, lights, and the doors. Honda odyssey it seems that the automakers want to make an easy access for the passengers to get into three row seats (equally seven adults). The brand of new machine is broader to create new space to the passengers. Based on Honda odyssey spy photo, the light is located under the hood edge positions. The detail is much better because it uses the modern style of light eagle lamps. As a result, this will spray the light wider and sharper as long as the background light is made from high glass quality. This headlight is available for such purposes such as breaking, and calling light.


2016 Honda Odyssey Review

For two call lights, it is located in the edges of the headlight and they in yellow color. The fog lights are attached on the bumper to break the fog. They also mean as the sign for other drivers whether directing go ahead or to stop. In similar way odyssey, the rare components are getting made over such as the trunk and the light styles. That is dealing with the trunk which is higher and it gives more space for the belongings. Especially for the lights, it is almost identical for the style appearance and LED system, but they are slightly smaller. The most interesting thing is the heavy that it may be got lighter than the current van. This is overwhelming majority of the focus that the auto makers are still working on that. According to the rumors, the change to lift make it lighter is to replace the features of the side body and the rare bumper.

2016 Honda Odyssey Release Date

2016 Honda Odyssey 10

Interior changes

Honda odyssey 2016 interior will provide much more advances technology to make easy for the navigations. This is functioned because the 2016 odyssey typically for hanging out for family in vacation. That is why; this is the navigation system which is interconnected with the satellite device to get the update maps. This idea will be held by 16 inches of touch-screen using TFT display, Bluetooth connection, 2GB of storage for GPS system, prevent airbag device, and parking lots device. Especially for the audio, this is supported by the DVD player and wireless service and this creates powerful sound requiring 650 watt. Those devices are sufficient to have journey with the family and it minimizes the problem on the street.


2016 Honda Odyssey Interior

Moving away from the device, the seats are covered with the solid leather to comfort both passengers and the driver. This new brand of Honda is decorated with wood grain touch, calfskin-cut seats, and metal stress. Those materials are created eight seats in three rows with rare seats cane be and extra rooms. At the same time, the Honda protections device such as the seat belts and censoring parking lots object are equipped. Also, this car automatically has the lane-watch and rear-camera to attribute the devices.

2016 Honda Odyssey Price

Releasing date and estimating price

Until now, Honda has still hid when the exact time they will release this beast. However, there is a leak that 2016 Honda odyssey is showing up in this last year. Additionally, the car price will be classified into four types. They are $30,000 for the Odyssey, $33,000 for EX version, $45,000 for extra equipment, and $34,000 approximately for special edition. That is only at glance of this mini-van review. If there are further rumors and the predictions, it is pleasure to share the information throughput this site. Hence, staying tune.

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