New 2016 Honda Pilot Review

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As the one of the best car manufacture in the world, Honda never stops creating great product to pleasant their customers. When you want to buy a great car from Honda for your family, one of the best choice is 2016 Honda Pilot. This car is special with its SUV class. With the SUV class, Pilot is nice to cover the need of your family to have a long journey together. In other hand, this car is also special with the combination of the great look and performance. Let us see some details of this car below. We hope it could give any inspiration for you all.

2016 Honda Pilot Touring

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior

The significant changes of 2016 Honda Pilot occurs in its exterior. We all know that the exterior is nice in order to give an interesting feeling when we see the car in the first time. What happen in its exterior? The new Pilot comes with more stylish look, especially in its body. Now, the body is made with carbon as the basic material. The use of carbon is nice because it will decrease the overall weight of the car. In other hand, the use of carbon also make the body of car looks more shine. There are several colors of body as the choices, such as black, white, grey and others. People can check the detail available colors via Honda’s catalogue.

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior

In other hand, Honda Pilot comes with a nice renewal in its front. Now, the front of car is shaped sharply with the new design of the bumper. The bumper of 2016 Honda Pilot LX looks modern with the V concept. It also still uses the old logo of Honda in its middle. Then, the new headlight comes with the larger size and new technology. Now, it has LED technology to give the brighter light to ease the darkness of the journey. Then, how about the back of 2016 Honda Pilot? In the back of the car, now the manufacture renews the concept with the new taillight and better trunk. All doors now have the new handle with the better look and greater function.

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior

Honda Pilot New Interior

After seeing some details about the exterior of 2016 Honda Pilot, now let us see the interior detail of this car. What is the new things occur inside 2016 Honda Pilot configurations? We will start with seeing the seat of it. Here, the capacity of this car is seven passengers in maximal. Seeing the capacity of the 2016 Pilot, we can see that this car is nice to cover all family member. The seat is nice with the leather as the basic material. The leather is not only nice in design but it also provide the more comfortable sense for sitting. In other hand, Pilot has new look in the interior decoration with its calm interior colors.

2016 Honda Pilot Interior 2016 Honda Pilot Interior

The interior of this car is also special with the significant changes in the dashboard. Now the dashboard comes with 9-inch LCD touchscreen display and it shows some great features from Honda. In the display, people can see some great features, such as the better navigation to direct their way. The 2016 Honda Pilot also has some nice entertainment tools to color the journey, such as MP3 player, video player and others. Besides, it has some great developments in safety features, such as adapting the new braking system and new safety belt. The great features inside the car will make your journey feels better and great!

2016 Honda Pilot Cargo Space

2016 Honda Pilot Engine

It is always interesting to see the detail engine of car before choosing it as our favorite. Then, how about the engine of this 2016 Honda Pilot? Well, Honda always gives the best engine in their product to provide the challenging car for passengers. Inside this car, there is 3.0L V6 engine size. This engine includes in a standard version of SUV’s engine. By the use of the engine, the 2016 Honda Pilot Elite will be able to reach up to 280 horsepower in maximal. In other hand, the engine is completed with two choices in transmission with 6-speed and 9-speed. With the new detail of the engine, we are sure that Honda Pilot will give better performance than the previous version. However, we still have no official information about the other engine size released by the manufacture.

2016 Honda Pilot Engine

Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Seeing some detail of 2016 Honda Pilot as above, we can conclude that this car is one of the special SUV car to pleasant our family. The manufacture says that this car is available now in some markets around the world. The basic price or MSRP of this car is around $30,000. However, the price will be different based on the version of the car, such as the EX trims and the Elite version. It will be nice when you see the agent soon to get the special offer for this 2016 Pilot!

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