New 2016 Honda S660 Specs and Price

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Giant automaker of Honda finally produces their sport city car. This is 2016 Honda S660 which offers two seats only with a weight less than 1 ton. Looking at the car at the first glance, it has an aggressive design. This car seems like a dream car since Honda introduced it in Tokyo almost a decade ago. They claimed that the sport car is the direct ancestor of iconic roadster, Honda beat. Perhaps, Honda S660 is quite easy to attract buyers as well as the Honda beat which was reaching its peak on the sell promotion. However, Honda states that this is going to be produced in small production under two years.

2016 Honda S660 Specs

S660 engine specification

Even though it is a petite-car, the engine is expected to supply a sufficient to contribute an efficient speed. At least, S660 recorded that it can reach a peak of speed in 64 horse powers equally with 136 mph. In detail, this is supported with three cylinders and 660cc engine. This component will allow the car to start have 60 mph within 9 seconds. Another alternative is a second engine. This is predicted to sell in USA with different specification and its new name, S1000. Compare to turbocharge, it is only 1.0 liter which leads Honda S660 top speed in 127 Hp. Another thing is the light body, it is reasonable to assume that the auto car will move efficiently to be handled in the traffic. Maybe, this looks like really humble, but it is powerful enough to defeat the conjunction on the road.

2016 Honda S660 Engine

Exterior design

2016 Honda S660 absolutely prepares the new look for the exterior features. Even though it has already succeeded in the public, it wants to greet the fans with renewable design. Starting point to notice is the front component such as the grille, fender, the headlights, the indicator lights, and shield. In the bumper, this consists of the license plate in the middle and the headlight at the edge following the shaped hood. The fender has a style with triangle hole next to the fender. They are used to manipulate the air to support its power.

2016 Honda S660 Review

Moving away a little bit to the rare component, S660 Honda is also equipped with menacing look. This can be seen from the trunk, tail light and back fender. They are collaborated to protect the rare part. Uniquely, the back fender is a slightly lift to break the air and create a useful aerodynamic. Also, this is to maintain the back part in order to avoid the crush. Overall, S660showcase has a tidy line along with the grille and the side look has a sharp design as well as edgy.

2016 Honda S660 Release Date

The most and the foremost, this deals with the roof. This has a flipped arrangement. This will be used to protect us from the air, rain, and sun itself. On the other hands, we can open the roof to feel the real air in the sunny day. This is functioned to give more spaces for the head to drive and close the drawback of small space. The flipped roof is made from solid leather and this is held by strong frameworks approximately 3 places.

2016 Honda S660 Price

Interior design

S660 has a remarkable cabin which is only four two passengers. The cabin will definitely provide the air control, traffic assistance, and wrapped leather of the steer wheel. Sadly, the gadgets and the system has not revealed yet. Perhaps, three or five months before it is gone to the public, this may uncover this secret in detail. Yet, the rumors have whispered that the main detail for the future sport car is inside it. Some of them are five-screen display, sensor objects, controlling button of the roof, and etc. Specifically, the screen display is expected to have a navigation maps which integrated with the satellite.

2016 Honda S660 Interior

This will be useful to get the exact direction efficiently. Moreover, this little sport car is able to figure out the fastest way to reach the location even though it has to hit the narrow space. They are available to manage the system in the car running well. In addition, this also comes with new generation of the leather to wrap the headrest. This requires a high quality of the shield seat because this will directly hit by the sun and any other problems. That is why; Honda S660 review said that it uses solid leather made from fabric is used to accomplish the look.

2016 Honda S660 Exterior

Price and time release

2016 Honda S660 is overcast to produce in mass-production in one semester of the following year. This is really tied with the decision of Honda to make sure that the design will touch their minimal orders. This means, there are some productions which has supplied into the showroom in some countries, especially Japan and America. In contrast, this releasing beast does not come with the price officially. In fact, some information states that this might be in the number $20,000 approximately.

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