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2017 Acura MDX, a new trend of sedan car that people should accomplish to buy. This car allows to rate the performance stop at the higher level than other type of sedan car. What makes it looks so special and what kind of great performance come from this car? All of them are wrapped based on the high spec of the car including the engine system and enjoyable design on the interior and exterior side. All of the items will be reviewed here.

The Spec of 2017 Acura MDX

2017 Acura is a sedan car that has been touched with new frame of technology system, allowing you to feel the light speed and steady hand grip in controlling the car. This car will use V-6 power that supported very high powerful. The power-plant that is used here is the 3.5 liter combined with V6 machine. This combination creates such a powerful performance. It can be seen from the horsepower level and the torque value that both can reach to the top. The horsepower of this car is around 290 hp while the torque system reaches up to 267 lb-ft. Still it is completed with 3.0 liter V6 engine system and seven-speed of dual clutch transmission.

2017 Acura Mdx Technology Package

An automaker sport hybrid SH-AWD is also added on the power-train to support even more powerful. Thus this car likes to combine the power of motor engine on the front and rear wheels. The result of this technology shows up the total output in motor around 325 horsepower. It means it has around 35 horsepower than the non hybrid car. The engine system uses nine-speed automatic transmission system and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive System or SH- AWD for better handling. The front wheel drive comes up in the standard model and there is a dynamic torque type that comes as optional for Acura MDX.

Interior and Exterior

 2017 Acura MDX technology package comes as full and complete to support an excellent performance that is beyond than other cars. The great side of this car is not just count from the engine system or the power-train only but also comes in line with the car design. The Acura MDX 2017 appears with pretty and fine body that will make people feel amaze. There is a new diamond grille that comes with pentagon design, showing off the beauty signature of the car. It also has LED lights that are specially designed by Jewel Eye for brighter and sharper light. The fenders car also comes up with pretty design, making all the side becomes fully pretty.

2017 Acura MDX Engine

Acura would never leave the chrome panel trim on the exterior for fascinating look. Even in the interior there is rear fascia that has been revised as well as dual exhaust tips that comes with light garnish framed. The alloys on the wheel also get a big complement as it comes with 20 inches bright color. The premium material is packed on all of the car’s side, creating wonderful and luxurious look that will catch people’s attention. Both on the interior and exterior of this car has pretty lines that will make you feel satisfy.

The Technology System

2017 Acura has gotten new technology system on every side of the car starting from the power-train up to the car’s accessories. Also it is included the safety system that has been programmed with more developed formula. The safety system on this car hold the five-star rating which means it is truly safe driving this car on any type of road and with all the members coming in. 2017 Acura MDX configuration shows how fine and delightful this car is by showing pretty design, powerful engine system, and the most important is high valuable safety system.

2017 Acura Mdx Mpg

Thus this car is picked as one of the top car that reaches Top Safety Pick released by IIHS. The design of crash protection on the front, on the first row seat, shows in a superior model. This causes the safety for the driver and the passenger becomes more protectable. This safety model now becomes the standard Collision Mitigation Braking System which becomes another new achievement for Acura MDX. Because of this safety system, the car will stop automatically, eluding fatal crash accident.

Some of the system that has been added on 2017 Acura MDX is Collision Mitigation Braking System that coming up with an emergency braking system. Then there is Lane Departure Warning as well as Forward Collision Warning. The Lane Keeping Assist and Road Departure Mitigation are also added here. To complete the safety system on this car, an adaptive cruise control is up to complete the system. This is made with Low-Speed Follow.

2017 Acura Mdx Price

With such an impressive character that is shown by 2017 Acura MDX, it can be said that this car is really valuable both on the quality and design. The performance of this car is beyond all of the cars that come in race on the same level while the design is just perfect on every inch. Moreover there is new safety technology system that has been added here to complete the car. It makes the total look of this car is worth to buy. Then how is the Acura MDX 2017 price? The price will start around $43.000 or $46.000 and estimated to have $830 for monthly payment.

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