New 2017 Acura Precision Concept & Review

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2017 Acura Precision – Hold on for a second if you have a plan to purchase a car. This is a great deal from Acura future. This auto car has been introduced in the exhibition of Acura’s California studio. The automaker has remodeled previous generation of sedan into future look. This is a big jump from the company that finally they change their philosophy seeing the shape of sedan. Also, they decide to create a car with more muscles and aggressive looks. Perhaps, we will never see the precision shape of Acura, but some of parts might be based on it. After all, this is potential to stone the world intending to head.

2017 Acura Precision EXTERIOR CONCEPT

The generation to generation of Acura, the standard look of sedan is almost the same. It is created with smooth roofline from front part to the rare one. However, 2017 Acura has new design. First of all, the color that the factory suggests is the red color and combined with black and some parts for silver space. This will be vast stance and toned surface deeply. On the hood, there are three deeply tones to the bumper. This looks like the shark bumper for the auto sport which is mixed with black grill. Secondly, the middle body part is quite glorious. There are four doors and they are available for 4 passengers. To enter this car, there are four doors and they are equipped with elegant handled doors.

2017 Honda Acura Precision Accessories

Second, we can expect greater regarding to Acura precision cost for this generation. The wheel is pronounced with arcs and new grille design of pentagon diamond in the massive number, 22 inches. Those innovation will be worked on the city road well and give enhancements to the speed car. Moreover, the lights on the front and the rare are using the LED. The lights are dividing into two classification shapes. The front headlight is using slanting eyes shape. At the edges, the color is different with the red one, it is a sign that the car will take a break. Slightly different, the rare light has an additional orange color as sign to turn back.

They are such a good agreement to defeat the dark or extreme season. Overall, the exterior still maintain the gentle roofline for the structure. It is functioned to flow the air as high aerodynamic system. Yet, they are different on the bumpers whether front or side properly. The whole profiles of the interior can be stated as sculptured surface and low stance. In detail, 2017 Acura Precision cockpit still follows the NSX concept.

2017 Acura Precision Engine

Firstly, 2017 Acura Precision has a remarkable system to manage all of the gadgets and supporting details there. A relevant example would be the layered control panel, the timber audio of handmade speakers, and sport rear seats. This is claimed as the modern features for the sport car. Second, the system is integrated to the shift paddles and controls. They are gathered to the touchscreen display and show the detection namely the human machine interface. Acura believes that this auto car may able to check every passenger. In short, the personal detail will be recorded including the features, the recent place, the sound and the recent performance setting.

The specification of the V6 engine

Until now, Acura did not tell the information to the public regarding to the engine overall. Yet, generally it is shown in the exhibition that the powertrain is empowered by V6. Obviously, it will produce the power up to 500 hp with hybrid system. This combination will be divided between the fuel and the electric power. Mostly, the rare wheels will be run by the fuel and it gives much power to rotate the twin turbo. The front wheels are rotated by the hybrid one. This will create the economical fuel method. Specifically, this will measure the pollution problem because it decreases the fuel usage. The most foremost, the rumor has said that the car will take more than four cylinders and 2.0 liter. Since those combinations are used by several cars, they are able to reach a maximum speed only in 350 hp. If Acura precision concept resistant this concept, they probably has click and slick solution to enhance the speed.

2017 Acura Precision Review

The releasing date and the price

Based on the prototype, the design and the engine are definitely magnificent. Even though this is only the concept for the future car as a blue print, it would be in some parts only. The manufacture car seems to surprise the Acura precision fans with huge shocks by hiding 2017 Acura Precision concept release date. In fact, the information in regard to the price is not revealed yet. However, it is quite surprising that it is wider around 84 inches. This will give an experiences enjoyable driver in the sport car rest. Yet, we will show the further information about this car by following this site. So, let’s hope the genuine car specification is upholding before it takes its debut in road.

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