New 2017 Honda Accord Review

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Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans. Produced by Honda, you should not be doubt of its quality. Every year, it comes with new changes. The newest version is 2017 Honda Accord. There are many people who are curious about its improvements. So, before you decide whether you will buy it or not, it will be better to pay attention about its review first. Therefore, this article will discuss about it. We will discuss more detailed about the exterior, interior, engine, specs, price, and release date.

2017 Honda Accord Sport

2017 Honda Accord Exterior

2017 Honda Accord Exterior Design

It is very important to discuss about the exterior first. There are many redesigns on the exterior that you have to know. It comes with more aerodynamic designs. It can be seen from the new body lines including the shaped hood for the front. It also looks more luxurious. Besides, it also comes with new excellent grille design, redesigned fog lights, and new light bulb. Overall, the exterior makes so many people interested in this new sedan. That is why it is predicted to be one of the best selling sedans in 2017.2017 Honda Accord Exterior 2017 Honda Accord Exterior

2017 Honda Accord Interior Design

Continued to 2017 Honda Accord interior, this sedan comes with foldable back seats that make the cabin more spacious and comfortable. It also allows you to bring many items you want. Because it offers collapsible chairs for both driver and passengers, the interior space feels bigger to carry many things inside. Besides, Honda Accord also comes with infotainment process and eight inch touch display tech. There is also push button engine that comes with non active accessibility. In addition, it also applies electronic camera to track what is around this car. It is amazing, is not it?

2017 Honda Accord Engine

2017 Honda Accord Interior 2017 Honda Accord Interior

2017 Honda Accord Engine Review

It is always interesting to discuss about the engine. This sedan is powered by a 2.4 liter engine. This engine comes with 4-cylinder with direct injection. Based on the engine used, this new sedan is able to generate up to about 193 horsepower. That is the engine used for the base model of this sedan. However, you have to know that 2017 Accord comes in various models. So, the engines used are different from one model to another. Anyway, all types of engine offered are amazing so that you will not be disappointed with the power.

2017 Honda Accord Colors

2017 Honda Accord Engine 2017 Honda Accord Engine

2017 Honda Accord Spec Review

2017 Honda Accord review also includes its specs. Starts from the speed, this new sedan is able to hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 7.6 seconds only whereas the top speed is up to 127 miles per hour. It also relates to the fuel economy. You will be amazed after finding this sedan can run up to 28 miles per gallon in the city with busy and crowded roads. On highways, 2017Accord offers up to 47 miles per gallon. That is why this sedan is reasonable to be considered as one of the most fuel efficient cars today. Therefore, there are many people who are interested in it.

2017 Honda Accord Interior

2017 Honda Accord Exterior

2017 Honda Accord Prices

Talking about 2017 Honda Accord price, you need to know about the models available because different models have different prices. The base model is LX sedan that is priced for about $ 23,200. The second model is Sport Sedan where you can buy it for around $ 25,300. The next model is EX Sedan that is priced about $ 26,600. There is also EX-L Sedan with $29,700. In addition, you can also consider EX-L V-6 Sedan that can be bought with $ 31,800.

2017 Honda Accord Coupe

2017 Honda Accord Coupe

There are still many other models of this car. They are Touring Sedan with $ 35,700, Hybrid Sedan with $ 30,500, EX-L Hybrid Sedan with $ 36,800, LX-S Coupe with $ 24,900, EX-Coupe with $ 27,000, EX-L V-6 Coupe with $ 32,100 and Touring Coupe with $ 35,300. You can compare those various models available and then choose the most appropriate one for you based on your need and desire. So, you can buy this  Honda sedan rightly. After decide which model is best for you, you can prepare the money needed to buy that car.

2017 Honda Accord Colors

2017 Honda Accord Release Date

Lastly, you need to know when this car is released. So, you can decide when you will buy it. This 2017 sedan car has been officially launched in the end of 2016. However, it may not have been spread in all countries. So, it depends on your own country where you live. If it is available in your country, you can buy Honda Accord now.

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