New 2017 Honda BR-V Review

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SUV is one of the most favorite cars today. If you want to buy a new SUV, it will be a good option to buy 2017 Honda BR-V. Based on the type, it belongs to mini SUV because the size is smaller than the common SUVs. This is the newest version that comes with many improvements compared to the previous versions. What changes are offered by this mini SUV? If you want to know more detailed about the specs, you need to pay attention to its review here.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Review

New 2017 Honda BR V Review

2017 Honda BR-V Exterior Design Review

Let’s start discussing about Honda BRV Philippines review from the exterior design first. It brings “Active Solid Motion” philosophy of design. Besides, it also comes with “solid & tough” body. Then, you have also to know that it applies high ground clearance and bold stance. In addition, it also has the lighter frame so that it can optimize the performance. 2017 BR-V also good to minimize the consumption of fuel. It is lighter in weight because this car uses steel and aluminum for the structural work and frame. Even more, it also functions to improve the durability.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Exterior

New 2017 Honda BR V Engine

Still related to the exterior, you can also see the changes from some other parts of BR-V. For example, it comes with new and modified headlamps so that it becomes more stylish. Besides, it also comes with LED lights to create the better visibility. The redesigns also include the grille that looks much more attractive. You can also find that it comes with redesigned taillights, C-shaped graphics, plastic body protection, and sporty appeal. The bumpers are also bigger and much more attractive. Overall, it is satisfying to consider the exterior design.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Exterior 2

New 2017 Honda BR V Exterior 2

2017 Honda BR-V Interior Design Review

If you see the inside of this car, you will be amazed, too. Honda BRV Philippines interior offers seven seats with three rows. So, this SUV is comfortable for family car. Because it offers a long wheelbase, this SUV comes with more spacious cabin. The first row is for the driver with seat height adjuster and a passenger. The second row has three seats whereas the third row offers two seats. So, this new SUV has additional luggage space. However, it is not all what this new SUV offers. There are still many other interesting offer relates to the interior.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Interior

New 2017 Honda BR V Release Date

There are so many features applied on this 2017 BR-V. For the standard features, it still comes with complete features like the previous versions. However, there are some additional and updated features to make it much more sophisticated. For example, you will find that this SUV has a power steering that comes with active dynamic function. This power steering is covered with high quality leather that has several buttons of control. It also applies big touch screen for some functions. There are also some infotainment systems that you can enjoy such as driving communication & direction, satellite radio, Google Earth, digital speaker, sound system, and LCD.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Interior 2

New 2017 Honda BR V Interior 2

2017 Honda BR-V Engine Review

This is the most interesting discussion of Honda BRV specs. It relates to the engine used because it affects the performance provided. For your information, this new SUV is powered by 1.5 liter i-VTEC Petrol engine. Honda BR-V engine is paired with advanced CVT that comes with paddle shifter or six-speed manual transmission. With this engine, this new SUV is able to provide high power up to 120 horsepower. Besides, it also produces 147 pounds feet of torque.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Engine

This new car does not only offer one option of engine. For the optional engine, there is 1.5 liter i-DTEC Honda diesel engine. This diesel engine meets the demands of people who love diesel engine car. If you are interested in this diesel engine, you can enjoy this SUV with up to 102 horsepower. Besides that, it also offers 202 pounds feet of torque. In addition, this car offers changed engine to increase the fuel efficiency. It comes with reduced light weight and friction. As the result, this SUV is able to run up to 19 miles per gallon.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Release Date

2017 Honda BR-V Release Date Review

If you are interested in this new SUV, you have to be patient first. In fact, this car is not launched yet. Some rumors say that this new SUV is going to be released in Shanghai after October in 2017 at a car show. So, it will be better for you to wait for the official launching.

New 2017 Honda BR-V Price

2017 Honda BR-V Price Review

Waiting the release date is still long time. While waiting for it, it is important to know about the price. Because it will come in various models, the prices will also be different from one model to another. The base model is predicted to be priced about $ 14,500 whereas the higher models may be up to $ 22,000 or more. So, you have to choose the model of Honda BR-V wisely.

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