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2017 Honda Brio – At the first time in 2011, Honda brio diesel had an exhibition to the buyers, there were some doubts that it will not hit the positive response. Sadly, that was quite true that the public does not seem to love the design and the specification. This is claimed for the urban city and typically it is for the youth. But, today is different, Japanese auto company gives new solution and upgraded in some parts such as engine, boot, and interior design rather than the previous. If it goes well, this will attract the buyers and successful in the market. In fact, this will be suit for the city road. The precise length and heavy will be easy to control on the city traffic and the narrow parking lot.

2017 Honda Brio Exterior design

Based on the car, brio diesel can be seen that there are some parts that would be changed or not. Now, looking at part, radiator, the grille, hood, and the windshield remains unchanged. The light is predicted has changed. They prefer to the crease appearance to make a passionate framework rather than using the old design. This is suit to suit the era that require fascinating design. Even though we cannot expect greater, the exterior will get an impact of the changes.

2017 Honda Brio Interior

Honda brio diesel price forces it to have only a limited update. Fenders on the edges are to protect bumper from the crush. Tail light is unique. This may seem getting inspiration form an old version of Acura. Yet, it is modified with young style. To standardize the lights, brio is also equipped with three colors including the call light. Overall, this body is famous because it is small and short, in fact the tailgates trunk lid is united with the rare body. As it is mentioned that it is for youth, it is expected that they will not being a lot of belongings.

2017 Honda Brio Interior remodel

Based on Honda brio diesel image, there is not a significant change. Literally, they are almost the same. In fact, we do not have to expect more than the previous one. However, there is a slightly adjustment in the navigation system. This is functioned to connect with the satellite maps, located pole position and the a/c specification. Comparing with the old Brio, this new generation gives an enjoyable seat for the driver. They have an adjustment on the dashboard with the pedal.

2017 Honda Brio Motor

They are in the exact measure to make the driver can accelerate with the high speed to swift the speed, gas pedal, cluck, or break. The driver can stay comfort because the headrest is designed with exact measure to lay down the head. Moreover, the distance between the driver and the front passenger has a measurable length that can large the visual. At the dashboard, the detail Honda brio surely put on the right place such speedometer, rev counter, milometer, odometer, even Ignition has a space with next to the steer wheel.

In the same time, the air vent is located to the edge of the door to give an extra air whether cooling or heating the car temperature. Another thing is the audio and visual. The audio is good enough to power up and entertain the client inside the brio diesel. They are sufficient for the car with small range price to fulfill the basic need of the driver. The visual is a showcase with 7 inches screen integrated to the satellite. This device will allow us to upgrade the situation of the maps, electoral mirror surrounding, and the home windows. As well as, it is equipped with the electric front seats.

2017 Honda Brio Test Drive Youtube Inside 2017 Honda Brio Review

2017 Honda Brio Release date and the price

Until now, 2017 Honda brio diesel does not give any leak to price of this car. Yet, it can be detected to the market trend of the Brio. At least, there are some rumors that it will be far from the previous gen which hits only $14,000 to $16,000. This can be changed significantly if Honda shows remarkable adjustment especially to the engine or the interior looks.

2017 Honda Brio Engine Specification

Now, looking at the engine of Honda brio, it is sure tied with the diesel power which needs a supply from petroleum version. However, Honda does not stay on the exact line up. They have two alternative engines that can be used to power the car. First, they enhance it with a strong conjecture using 1.5 liter and three cylinders tube of the diesel. This is already added with 200 Nm of torque. Based on this specification, the Brio perhaps will reach the top speed around 100 Hp. Second, this is available with 1.2 liter of diesel motor that makes the top speed in the number of 87 Hp. Also, this takes 109 Nm torque score. Especially for the transmission, there are two choices as well that we may take 5 speed manual or Honda brio diesel automatic transmission.

2017 Honda Brio 0 To 60

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