New 2017 Honda Civic SI Specs

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Honda Civic is a sports car that is very popular. One of the best models is SI. The newest version offered is 2017 Honda Civic SI. Even though it has not been launched yet, it is very important to know the specs offered. There are many people who are curious about it. If you are also curious, you can pay attention to the review that will be discussed in this article below. Then, you can decide whether you will buy it later or not.

2017 Honda Civic SI Exterior Design

Starts from the exterior, this sports car will come in 2 designs. They are 2-door coupe and also 4-door car. Actually, they have a plan to make a 5-door hatchback but it is only available for Civic Type R. Besides, it also looks much more aggressive. It can be seen from the lower fascia and front grille. Then, it also applies horizontal bars and a chrome piece in the 3 lower air intakes.

2017 Honda Civic Si

There are also some features that enhance the look. For example, Honda Civic SI comes with a center mounted exhaust that is located below the back bumper. Besides, it also comes with a large single outlet. Then, it also has the big rear wing. From the images above, it can be said that the exterior design is more stylish than the previous versions.

2017 Honda Civic SI Interior Design

The next 2017 Civic SI specs relate to the interior. It will completely be redesigned. Everything will be new. This sports car will come with new platform with standard model. Besides, it also offers high level comfort. It looks very elegant with shade red dominant color that involves healthy app. Some features applied on this new sports car are such as infotainment system, cockpit console, comparison stitching, and floor mats.

2017 Honda Civic Si Build

Based on some rumors, this sports car will also has 450 watt stereo that comes with 10 advanced speakers. Besides that, it also applies 7-inch screen that comes with red backlighting. There are also some sophisticated techs such as Pandora capacity, Honda Link, Android car, and Apple CarPlay. Sirius XM and HD radio are also available. Other features available are Satellite Navigation and some safety features. Therefore, it can be said that 2017 Civic SI has the complete advanced features and techs.

2017 Honda Civic SI New Engine

The engine that will be used by this Honda sports car is also upgraded so that you can find the higher 2017 Honda Civic SI horsepower. This new sports car will be powered by 1.5 liter of turbocharged engine for the sedan and coupe. With this engine, 243 horsepower is expected. Besides the great power, it also offers high performances tires and high quality brake blades.

New 2017 Honda Civic SI Price Exterior

2017 Honda Civic SI Performance

With the engine mentioned above, 2017 Civic SI is expected that this sports car will have high speed. From 0 to 60 miles per hour speed, this car will need about 7.5 seconds only. For standing at ¼ mile, it needs about 16 seconds at 87 miles per hour. Then, the top speed of this new sports car can be up to 135 miles per hour.

2017 Honda Civic SI Fuel Economy

This Honda Civic SI does not only offer great power and high speed but also good fuel economy. If you drive it in the city with busy and crowded roads, it offers 27 miles per gallon. Besides that, it offers up to 31 miles per gallon if you drive it on highways. Anyway, this EPA is very good for a sports car. So, are you satisfied with this spec?

2017 Honda Civic Si Lease

 2017 Honda Civic SI Estimated Prices

After knowing the complete specs, it will be good to know Honda Civic SI 2017 price offered. However, the official prices are still unknown. If we may guess, the starting price will be at about $ 25,000. However, it will come in various models so that the prices will also be different from one model to another. So, you have to choose it wisely.

2017 Honda Civic SI Release Date

If you are interested in this new sports car, you have to be patient because it has not been released yet so that you cannot buy it now. You have to wait until the middle of 2017 as the release date. That is what some rumors say. So, it will be better to prepare the money first until this car is officially launched.

2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe Release Date

2017 Honda Civic SI Competitors

Actually, there are some cars that will be the greatest rivals of this new sports car. One of them is Volkswagen Golf GTI that offers amazing specs too. Besides that, there is also Ford Focus ST that is also wonderful. However, considering the specs above, the new Honda Civic SI can still compete with them well.

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