New 2017 Honda Civic Price and Changes

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Since Honda becomes one of the most popular auto manufacture in the world, it never stops making a new great product to pleasant their customers around the world. The characteristic of the product of Honda is great and awesome in performance. As the way to welcome the new 2017 market, this company creates 2017 Honda Civic as one of their new product. This car version includes in sedan car segment, which we are sure that it would be a serious competitor for other sedans. This car is special because it offers the new concept in design, renews some features inside the car and applies better engine performance. We will talk about some significant changes about it below.

2017 Honda Civic concept

As we have said before, 2017 Honda Civic will come with a new concept. Some significant changes occur in its design, which will amaze the people in their first sight. One of big updates comes in its body. Now, the body is made from combination between carbon and aluminum. The combination of the body will decrease the total weight of the car. The lighter weight is nice because car will have better acceleration, especially when you want to boost in the straight path. For the color choices of this car, we still have no official information. However, based on the previous version, Honda Civic will have some colors in its body, such as black, white, grey and others.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe

In other hand, the rear car will come with a sportier look. What make this new Honda Civic special is the larger grille and hood, which make the car looks stronger than before. This 2017 Honda Civic also has a new bumper in its front. The front bumper is designed beautifully with the new shape. However, the bumper still uses the old Honda’s logo in its middle. Still talking about the rear car, now the manufacture renews the design of headlights. The headlights now is completed with LED technology and has a sharper shape. The taillight in its back also occurs with new design and new LED technology.

New 2017 Honda Civic interior

The interior of 2017 Civic comes with a new and modern look. We are sure that the new design inside the car will pleasant the passengers in their journey. Inside the Honda Civic 2017 type R, there are two row seats and it will cover up to four passengers in maximal capacity. The seats are great because it is covered by high-class leather. Customers need to know that Honda Civic now completes each seat with comfortable headrest and new belt for better safety in the long journey. Then, the calm color of cabin and seat also will increase the excellent sense inside the car.

2017 Honda Civic Engine

The significant change inside the car occurs in its dashboard. Now, the dashboard is completed with 9-inch LCD touchscreen with best technology. The LCD will display some great features of 2017 Honda Civic, such as HDMI connection, Bluetooth, HD radio, Mp3 player and others. With the LCD touchscreen, of course, the control will be smoother. In other hand, 2017 Civic is also nice because it has new navigation system with the clearer detail of every location. The new technology inside the navigation will give the more accurate result. For safety features, it has new airbag and better parking system.

2017 Honda Civic engine

As we have said in previous paragraph, 2017 Honda Civic has not only great and stylish look but also a special engine. In order to create a modern car, manufacture renews the technology inside the engine. There are also some versions of engine, which can be chosen. The base engine is 1.0L V3 engine with turbo technology. This base engine of 2017 Honda Civic sport is able to reach up to 127 horsepower in maximal. In other hand, it also has six-speed manual transmission and CVT auto transmission for better controlling. It will be nice, especially for people who want to use Honda Civic in their daily need.

2017 Honda Civic Price

Then, the manufacture also provides another engine spec, as 1.5L V4 engine. By the size, this bigger engine will give greater performance. It will be able to reach up to 180 horsepower in maximal power. Besides, it also has two choices of transmission as the base engine. The 2017 Honda Civic with second engine is able to reach 60 miles per hour only in six seconds based on the driving test. We are sure that this second engine of 2017 Civic will give more challenging journey for you and your family.

Honda Civic 2017 release date and price

It will be special to know the release date of this 2017 Honda Civic. The manufacture says that this car will be ready in the market in the opening of next year. Then, the base price of MSRP of Honda Civic is around $23,000. Of course, 2017 Honda Civic hatchback price depends on the model of car.

2017 Honda Civic Interior

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