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2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is a light car on the price that has not been predicted by anybody before. As it is clarified by Honda, the moment when the car is released, people get surprises with the fact that this car will have cheaper and bearable price that what has been thought before. Before the car shows its appearance in front of people, many people guessed that this car will have quite high and expensive price despite on the performance that runs very good. This is also supported with Honda’s statement that the cost of this car will reach around $60.000. But seems Honda have changed their mind as it finally has lower cost price.

The Specification for 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

As it comes with more valuable and friendly price, does the spec of the 2017 Honda Clarity come with great performance as well? Honda Clarity review shows that this car is indeed showing up very good performance especially on the fuel using which is friendlier. The fuel uses hydrogen type that can run up to around $20.000 per year in a mileage limit which this number holds on the higher level than the other competitor that coming down into the same market.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Rts

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell can likely be said the new generation of Clarity series as the previous series is named as Honda FCX Clarity yet this one gets more renewing and without doubt a new amazing technology system. The car that is made with sedan body car is a middle size car on the class. It takes the FF layout on the frame and created wonderful appearance. Unlike the previous FCX Clarity, this new car type does not made with electric type model but it uses hydrogen fuel cell system. With this new technology the price of the car can be pressed down a little further.

Honda Clarity Fuel will have fuel-cell that can produces up to 100 kW or around 130 horsepower, very good and powerful performance with light speed. Based on Honda Clarity specs and the power-train speed can reach up to 366 mi or around 589 km. the hydrogen fuel cell shows that this car lead the game by reaching great rating on the city/highway mpg that reaches around 67 miles. It reaches one grade level to 68 mpg on the city driving.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Rtl T

The Variant

2017 Honda will have three different types. The first one is the normal and general type that will be loved by many people which is the fuel cell while the two others are the electric and the plug-in hybrid variants. Thus there will be three various types that can fulfill people’s need about sedan car with high performance coming from Honda. Other important information the electric model car like plug-in hybrid will likely release soon and it will have 40 mi range speed or around 64 km. The best thing is it will be placed on the store in all over the states.

The approximate range of fuel combined economy, city fuel economy, and high fuel economy are around like this. The Honda Clarity with latest 2017 model can reach up 67 mpg-e on the combined fuel economy. On the city fuel economy reach up around 68 mpg-e while the highway fuel economy reach up around 66 mpg-e with the total range is around 366 mi or 589 km. It shows that any type of the car can produce excellent performance. The satisfied number level about this car also is also level up higher than the previous series.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Rtl E

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell uses hydrogen as the fuel for electric car type. Honda Clarity mpg shows great result with wonderful response. This show how valuable the car is despite on the fact this is not the full fuel car like the general sedan type. But the new technology system help the car to produces blazing performance. The EPA number reaches up around 366 miles always and it can be refueling again within few minutes, only around 3 or 5 minutes which is really incredible. Due to the new technology, the hydrogen that has been filled inside the car changes into electricity that is soon changed into power.

The Price

With 70 mpa the car can be refueling station only around several minutes that gives a big gap to other competitor. Moreover, the new assist one the safety technology system is also improved like the Honda sensing suite that coming up with automatic turning of active and passive. 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is really smart choice for those who are looking for great sedan car coming with fuel hydrogen electric capacity. Moreover the reasonable pricing that can be held by most of people also gives a good plus. As it has been calculated the down payment for this car is cheaper than other sedan car that comes up with plug-in hybrid system.

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Tonneau Cover

The down payment of this car is around $2.800 and earns $360 for the followed up month payment that is required for 36 months. This means this car is really valuable for many people who search best sedan car with great power-train technology. Honda 2017 Clarity is one of the best choice for you.

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