New 2017 Honda CR-V Fully Improved

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Honda is a great car companies. One of their best products is CR-V. The latest version is 2017 Honda CR-V. Of course, it is fully improved to satisfy the buyers. However, many people still do not know the changes that are offered on this new car. Therefore, it is very interesting to know more about its specs. If you want to know more detailed about it, you need to pay attention to the review that will be discussed in this article below.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Release Date

New 2017 Honda CR V Release Date

2017 Honda CR-V Exterior and Interior Designs

Starts from the exterior, Honda CR-V car comes with the bigger design than the previous versions. Based on the model, it belongs to crossover. It offers 7 seats for the passengers. Besides that, the redesigning gives many benefits. This crossover applies classy functions. It can be seen from the front lights that are renewed with LED. Besides that, it is also combined with High Light Beam. For the front grille, it is very perfect. In addition, it also comes with new tailgate. Overall, the exterior is really satisfying.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Exterior New 2017 Honda CR-V Exterior Designs

New 2017 Honda CR V Engine

Moved to the interior, there are many improvements compared to Honda CRV 2016. It comes with updated instrument panel. Besides that, it also applies 7-inch touch screen. 2017 CR-V also offers thinner A-pillar for the better exposure. In addition, this crossover applies new navigating system, too. It is also supported by Android Automobile and Apple CarPlay deal with high quality audio and voice. There are also some other features such as parking break, USB ports, remote start, and environment controls.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Interior

New 2017 Honda CR V Exterior

Is there any other feature and tech? This new crossover is really safe. You can find that it applies blind spot caution, auto emergency stopping, forward collision caution, and rearview camera. Even more, it also comes with lane keep aid, lane departure warning, auto high beams, and cruise control. For the cabin, it feels more spacious because it is designed longer and wider. The seats are also more comfortable. So, you can use this crossover for more functional uses. Anyway, 2017 CR-V has many benefits that can meet people’s need. Based on the design review above, both exterior and interior are satisfying.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Interior Designs

New 2017 Honda CR V Prices

2017 Honda CR-V Engine and Specs

Talking about performance cannot be separated from the engine. This new Honda crossover is powered by 1.6 liter diesel engine. With this engine, you will find that this car can provide up to 120 horsepower. It does not only offer one engine option. It also offers 1.5 liter turbocharged gasoline engine that comes with Earth Dreams VTEC where it can generate up to 130 horsepower. If you want more powerful engine, there is also 2.4 liter engine that can provide up to 185 horsepower as well as 182 pounds feet of torque. So, which engine will you choose?

New 2017 Honda CR-V Engine New 2017 Honda CR-V Engine 2

New 2017 Honda CR V Engine 2

Still related to the performance, this new crossover is also good at gas mileage.  Honda CR-V car is able to run up to 28 miles per gallon in the city with crowded and busy roads whereas on highways it offers up to 34 miles per gallon. However, it depends on which engine used by this new crossover car. So, you have to choose it wisely depending on your needs. Anyway, this crossover can be considered as one of the most fuel efficient cars available today. So, you will not be disappointed buying this car.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Specs

2017 Honda CR-V Prices

Talking about Honda CRV price, it is reasonable that the new version has the higher price than Honda CRV 2016 price because it offers many improvements. However, it comes on various models so that the prices are also various. The base model is priced for about $ 24,100. For the midrange model, you need to spend up to around $ 26,700. For the top model, CR-V Touring, it is priced for about $ 32,400. Therefore, you have to prepare the money if you are interested in this new crossover.

New 2017 Honda CR-V Prices

2017 Honda CR-V Speed

Talking about speed, 2017 Honda crossover can be said as a fast enough car. To hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour, it only needs about 7.5 seconds. To reach 0 to 100 miles per hour, it takes about 18.5 seconds only. It also offers about 15.9 seconds for standing ¼ mile. How about the top speed? This new crossover is able to run up to 125 miles per hour. It is amazing, is not it?

New 2017 Honda CR-V Speed

2017 Honda CR-V Release Date

If you are interested in this crossover, you have to be patient because it has not been released yet. It is predicted to be launched in the spring of 2017. However, it will be better for you to wait for the official release date of this new Honda CR-V.

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