New 2017 Honda CR-V Review

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2017 Honda CR-V – If you are planning on buying new car, we are sure that you must have wanted to get the best one of all. What kind of cars are you looking for then? Is it compact SUV? If that is the one you want to get, you have come in the right place. We have Honda CR-V for you to consider here. To be exact, we are going to tell you the 2017 model of it. When buying new car, it is worth to consider the latest one. So, let’s see what it has to offer here.

The Changes in the Interior

Indeed, when it comes to 2017 Honda, its CR-V is the one that is praised so much in its interior quality. Why, of course, it is because this model offers people high-end feels after all. Only top-notch materials are used to build the interior design. They are mostly soft in touch too, giving comfortable feel for you. With imitation wood trim on the upper trims, this car does have handsome look inside.

2017 Honda CR V Engine

Indeed, comfort is what becomes the typical for the class of Honda CR-V. However, if you look in more detailed way, 2017 Honda CRV interior has many changes in it. Those materials include, but we can say that the most obvious change is about it having roomier cabin. There is plenty of space you can get from both the front and rear seats. Even tall adults would feel comfy sitting inside the car.

The Cargo Space of the Car

Just like how you need space for people to sit in the car, you will need space to put your things in. If you go for shopping for example, we are sure that you need to have space to store your stuff, right? That is why cargo space becomes something important for SUV cars. You don’t have to worry if it is about the space in this 2017 Honda CR-V we have here. In fact, you can expect much from this SUV model.

2017 Honda CRV Ground Clearance

2017 Honda CR-V Why, of course, it is because there is as much as 39.2 cubic feet of space you will get behind the rear seats. If you fold down those seats, there is 75.8 cubic feet of space to use in total. You can get some real insight of it by seeing 2017 Honda CRV pictures. You will then know how ample its cargo room is. It is even said that no other compact SUV offers as much space as this Honda to store all your stuff in.

The Engines to Run the Car

When it comes to vehicles, it is important to concern yourself with its performance. Of course, if we are talking about performance, the engine must be brought up in the discussion as well. You see, there are two kinds of engine you can expect from this 2017 CR-V. Starting from the base, you will get 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The optional one would be turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

2017 Honda CR V Cargo Space

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Both engines are actually pretty much similar to each other. You can get similar acceleration after all. However, they are both still different engines. What’s different is that you might have to experience some turbo lag from the optional engine. This lag might likely to happen if you accelerate quickly right from a stop. That being said, both engines in this Honda are able to offer decent performance.

2017 Honda CR V Review

The Trims and the Pricing

Of course, this 2017 CR-V does come with various trims to choose one from. Each has some additional features included where the others might not have them in. Even the price would be different for each of them too. The more you get, the higher the price would be. The options you get start from the base LX trim that has its price started from $24,045. What comes next is the EX trim.

This trim has its price starting from $26,695. Of course, you can expect good things from this one. Then, there is also EX-L trim offered by this 2017 Honda CR-V. For this car trim, you will have to add more money for its price would start from $29,195. Lastly, there is 2017 Honda CR-V Touring to consider too. This last trim is the priciest one of all. To buy it, you will need to pay at least $32,395.

2017 Honda CR V Specs

In Conclusion of 2017 Honda CR-V

Now, did you get a thing or two that could give you some insights about this SUV car? From the review we have above, you can see how this compact SUV could make good option for you to choose. It becomes the number one compact SUV because this car offers comfortable cabin, spacious cargo room, decent engine options, and various trims to choose one from. What can you ask more from 2017 Honda this good? This SUV would definitely make worthy purchase for you.

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