New 2017 Honda CR-Z Review

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Honda is known as the one of the best manufacture in the world. It becomes the big competitor from other car manufactures. In order to pleasant their customers, Honda never stop creating a new car. One of the master plan of Honda in the next year is releasing 2017 Honda CR-Z. This car is one of the new best car from Honda with the combination of nice design and powerful appearance. The manufacture says that Honda CR-Z will be shaped as sport car with only two seats inside. This car will look more aggressive with its new design!

2017 Honda CR-Z Review

2017 Honda CR Z MPG

2017 CR-Z exterior changes

The exterior of 2017 Honda CR-Z will come with the more futuristic look to show the modern design. In a glance, the design of its exterior is similar with Honda Civic type R. Now, the manufacture applies the bigger size in the body. The body is great with the carbon as the basic material. The use of the carbon will decrease the weight of the car, so the acceleration will be better. The big change of the exterior comes in its front. Now, the front of Honda CR-Z is renewed with the bigger headlight and sharper bumper. In the side of the car, Honda gives a new touch with the noticeable headlights. Then, what happen with the back of this car? Well, the back of car is also excellent with the stylish taillight. Moreover, the use of 17 inches wheels make this car has better stability, especially when it is driven in any condition of tracks.

2017 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

2017 Honda CR Z Interior

2017 honda cr z price

CR-Z interior redesign

As we have said before, this car will come with two seats, as its new design. The use of only two seats inside the car make a big change in its interior. The seat is nice, as usual, with the high quality leather as the main material. In other hand, the use of only two seats also will increase the romantic sense of your journey. The space inside the 2017 Honda CR-Z now is larger than the previous version. The change of the size of space is good to increase the comfortable sense of passengers. Then, as the way to provide a modern car in the future, Honda applies some new features inside the car. The big change comes in its dashboard. Now, the dashboard is styled futuristic and stylish.

2017 Honda CR Z Exterior

2017 Honda CR-Z Interior

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2017 Honda CR Z Interior

In the dashboard of car, there is a LCD touchscreen, which will give the easier control. There are several features inside the 9-inch display, which you will face, such as infomercial, navigation info, and others. Besides, the interior of 2017 Honda CR-Z is also nice with some great infotainment features, like MP3 player, video player, and others. Now, the passenger is also able to connect their smartphone with the Bluetooth and USB connection. How about the control of the car? Well, with the new design of handle and driving tools, we are sure that CR-Z will give a better control than Honda CR-Z 2016.

2017 Honda CR-Z Interior

2017 Honda CR Z Review

2017 Honda CR-Z Interior

2017 CR-Z engine and specs

It is always interesting talking about the specs and engine of the new car. We all know that this idea will influence the ability of the car. Well, what happen with the engine of 2017 Honda CR-Z? We should know that Honda always renews the specs of the engine in releasing the new car in order to increase the performance of it. In releasing this new CR-Z, Honda will accept the great engine. Based on the rumor, the manufacture uses 2.0L VTEC inline 4 cylinders as the basic concept of the engine. Seeing the size of the engine, we know that it is one of the standard engine of sport-sedan car, as Civic has. The detail engine will produce up to 280 horsepower. Besides, Honda adds the turbo-boost technology inside the engine to provide better acceleration for more challenging driving.

2017 Honda CR-Z Engine

In other hand, the new engine of this car provide lower pollution, so the car is safe for the environment. Another benefit of the use of new engine inside the 2017 Honda CR-Z is the better use of fuel. With the new engine, the use of fuel is more effective, so passengers do not need to worry losing fuel in their journey. However, we still have no legal information about the MPG score of this car. In other hand, we also have no official information whether the manufacture will give some choices of the engine. It will be nice when the manufacture gives some kinds of the engine size and Honda CR-Z turbo kit, as the previous version.

2017 Honda CR-Z MPG

2017 Honda CR-Z Exterior

2017 Honda CR-Z release date

Based on some information above, we can see that 2017 Honda CR-Z is one of the special car to be waited. Then, about the Honda CR-Z turbo release date, we assume that Honda will release it in the opening of next year. The price of this car is predicted around $36,000.

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