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Hello Buddies, do you want to take a new car? When it comes to the new car, there are many options which can be chosen. Each of the cars comes with the featured engine and elegant looks. One of the cars which can be chosen is 2017 Honda FCV or Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle. This type of car will be showed in the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese manufacturer, Honda, has the great ambition regarding to this model of car. Actually, its rival, Toyota manufacturer has already launched Toyota Mirai which has hit the market of fuel cell vehicle. Honda manufacturer actually has ever released their innovation regarding to the fuel cell vehicle but it was just for the certain customers. In this chance, the manufacturer presents this fuel cell vehicle for those who want to buy this car. To get more information about this car, I will give you 2017 Honda FCV review as follows.

New 2017 Honda FCV Review

Exterior Design

For common people, exterior design plays important roles. When they want to purchase a new car, their first priority is the exterior design. When it comes to the exterior design, Honda FCV comes with the new concept which is adopted with the Detroit concept. This concept belongs to effective variation in the similar design. When it comes to the front fascia, there are changes, especially the grille portion which is added and the strip of chrome which encounter in the front is made in the smaller size in order to allow the more airflow. There is improvement regarding to the new concept because the strips are quite more there.

New 2017 Honda FCV Exterior

 Some people also said that the finished looks of this car is not typically similar to the other Honda Cars. They also think that there is no special thing regarding to the new exterior concept of this car, socially when looked at from the head. Besides that, Honda FCV also comes with redesigned wheels which have carried over from its principle, so that it is equipped with the system of glass roofing. Some fans said that this type of car has unneeded vents which are placed in the bodywork.

New 2017 Honda FCV Exterior 1

Interior Design

When it comes to the interior design of 2017 Honda FCV, the interior of this car is made more practical. The manufacturer has not used the U shaped concept in the steering wheels. Besides that, there is also no spaceship style heads up display which is used as a cluster of gauge. However, the overall design and layout of this car production regarding to the car’s interior is influenced by that concept.

New 2017 Honda FCV Interior 1

In the terms of interior design, this type of car comes with the high technologies. There are some infotainment systems regarding to the interior design. Besides that, there are also the additional buttons as climate controls which is located beneath that gauge. Some of the people said that there is no special things which can be found in the production of FCV. The interior design and features are almost similar to the designs which are brought to the other Honda items.


When it comes to the engine, the Honda FCV belongs to the electrical car which uses hydrogen fuel cells packaged in the batteries. In the terms of hydrogen cars, there are many types of those cars which have already launched in the market. This type of car is claimed can reach 700km or 437.5 miles when the tank is fuel.

New 2017 Honda FCV Engine

2017 Honda FCV Price

2017 Honda FCV Price and Release Date

When it comes to the price of Honda FCV, the manufacturer stated that this type of car launched in March 2016 for 2017 models. This car is feasible to be launched in the California, the United States. Why launched there? California is known as the only state which provides fueling facilities which assist the hydrogen auto fleet. In the terms of price, the price released by the manufacturer is quite worth. He estimated price of Honda FCV is $60,000. The price is quite worth and affordable for those who want to look for the electric cars. Because this car use hydrogen as its fuel, some people predicts that the market of this car is a few.

2017 Honda FCV Release Date


That is all of review of 2017 Honda FCV. This type of car belongs to the hybrid car which is powered by the fuel hydrogen to run the machine. This car can be the right alternative choice for those who want to look for the environment friendly without using fully gas engine. This car also comes with the elegant exterior which can make this car so elegant. Besides that, this type of car also comes with the luxurious interior design which can make the passengers comfortable while driving with the car. When it comes to the price, the price of the car is quite affordable to be owned by everyone.

2017 Honda FCV Specs

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New 2017 Honda FCV Exterior 1

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