New 2017 Honda Fit Review

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In order to welcome the new market of 2017, Honda prepares one of their great new product called 2017 Honda Fit. Honda is one of the greatest car manufacture in the world and they never stop creating a new product with special specification. This car includes in one of the modern and stylish car, which will pleasant the customer with the combination of great look and powerful performance in its machine. Talking about Honda Fit, we will remember about Honda Jazz because it has similar design, especially in its body. However, with some excellent developments, this new car can be a nice new wish list in the future. Let us see some details of this car.

2017 Honda Fit

2017 Honda Fit

2017 Honda Fit exterior redesign

In the exterior of the 2017 Honda Fit, manufacture does not apply the significant change than the previous version. In a glance, we may see that it has a similar design with the previous version of Honda Fit. However, there are still some developments, which will make this car greater. Now, this car uses the carbon aluminum as the basic material of the 2017 Honda Fit configurations. The use of the new material is better than the use of plastic. Besides the carbon is stronger than plastic, the use of carbon will decrease the whole weight of car for giving better aggressiveness. There will be some colors for choices, such as red, black, grey and others.

2017 Honda Fit Review 2017 Honda Fit Exterior

2017 Honda Fit Exterior 1

Still talking about the exterior of this car, there is a new development in its front. The front bumper of 2017 Honda Fit accepts some changes. Now, it has stylish design with a new shape in its bumper. The bumper is small but it is excellent with old Honda’s logo in its middle. The other development comes in its headlight. The sharper headlight is accepted and now it uses LED technology for the brighter lights. In other hand, the back of new 2017 Fit applies the new taillight with smaller shape. This car uses 15-inch in wheel size to increase the stability when people drive it whatever the kind of tracks are.

2017 Honda Fit Interior

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Honda Fit interior changes

With the five-door design, we can see that this 2017 Honda Fit is one of the big car to cover the family member to have a nice journey together. Then, how about the condition of car’s interior? The interior of car is excellent with the use of high-class material in its cabin. Now the cabin is designed stylishly with the calm color to decrease the stress when driving. There are seven seats available inside the car. The seat uses high quality leather to provide comfortable sense in sitting. In other hand, the space between seats is also larger than the previous version. Each seat is also completed now with comfortable headrest.

2017 Honda Fit Exterior

2017 Honda Fit Interior

The more significant changes inside this 2017 Honda Fit EX-L come in its dashboard. Now, the dashboard is designed modernly with the use of LCD touchscreen there. The touchscreen display shows some great features of it better. The dashboard has complete features now, such as the entertainment features, the connectivity and others. Besides, Honda Fit is also nice with its new safety system, as airbag system, new braking technology and new safety belt, which will make the journey comfortable. Behind the car, there is a nice space to place some kinds of stuff, especially when you have to bring equipment in your journey.

2017 Honda Fit Review

2017 Honda Fit Interior Seat

New 2017 Honda Fit engine and specs

In order to give the best performance of the car, here the manufacture does some changes inside the engine. Now, 2017 Honda Fit will be completed with 1.5L V4 turbocharged engine. It is the basic engine, which has 4-cylinder and it is able to reach up to 130 horsepower and 114lb-ft in torque. For the transmission, it has 6-transmission for the nice control. By the detail of the engine, Honda Fit can reach sprint from 0-60 MPH only in 8.5 second! It is a good result for the standard sedan. In other hand, the manufacture will provide some engine choices based on the car version, as LX, EX, and CVT models. With the kind of models, people are free to choose the best 2017 Honda Fit, as they want. Based on the rumor, the manufacture also will provide the hybrid choice of this car’s engine. We are sure that it will be a nice development of the modern car.

2017 Honda Fit Engine

2017 Honda Fit release date and price

Are you waiting the release date of this 2017 Honda Fit EX? Well, based on some rumors, this 2017 Honda Fit will come to the market in the opening of next year. We are sure that it will be one of the best competitor of other SUV in the market. Then, based on the rumors from manufacture, the basic price of 2017 Fit is around $20,000. However, the price of it is also based on the models of car.

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