New 2017 Honda HR-V Review

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There are various models worth to choose, when it comes to Honda, indeed. One among them would be 2017 Honda HR-V. This is the model that comes to offer you things that Currant 2016 model lacks. If you are curious about those things, let us review them here while we tell you some changes and additions made in this car too. Learning all of these should give you enough insight about how good this car is to choose. Let’s get down to it to better understand about it here then.

2017 Honda HR-V Exterior Redesign

When it comes to the shape and size, this car would remain the same, just like its previous version. However, it will still get some modifications too. So, you can expect to get new lights, taillights, back looter, and both front and back bumpers for the exterior of this Honda HR-V. Also, some records say that its manufacturer plans on making some trim levels to offer. Of course, every one of them would be different from each other.

2017 Honda Hr V Interior

It is said that there will be more various things made for the design of each trim level. It might only be a possibility, but you might get large alloy wheels and lots of chrome tones from its top variation. Also, since Japanese suppliers have been suggested to offer new colors, you can expect to get a nice variety to choose one from this Honda HR-V. You will surely get more in it than in Honda HRV 2016.

2017 Honda HR-V Change Interior

If it is about the interior of this 2017 HR-V, you should be glad for it has been made known that there are some colors offered to choose. Those colors include Gray Leather, Gray Fabric, Black Leather, and Black Fabric. Of course, its interior is not good in such extent only. In fact, something in its interior is what makes this car better than Currant 2016 model. Let us mention what you can get from it then.

2017 Honda Hr V Engine

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Various features you can get include 7-inch touch display, streamlined navigation, and navigation system and infomercial. It would be great to get all of these as Honda HRV used. Well, buying new will bring it to you sooner though. What to note is that 2017 HR-V has great, upgraded infotainment system to offer. You get Smartphone integration, moon roof, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and more.

2017 Honda Hr V Apple Carplay

2017 Honda HR-V Engine and Specs

There is no exact information, if you what you ask is its engine. However, many have speculated that this 2017 Honda might just come with developed version of 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine. Also, it might be equipped with Criterion CVT hands-on transmission and 6-speed gearbox too. With such pair for the car’s performance, you might roughly get as much as 150 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque.

Well, it is not some sports cars after all. However, besides the upgraded infotainment system before, this 2017 Honda is also known for its engine. To be exact, the engine above appears to be more powerful than its previous version. Although there is other speculation like 1.0-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine, what’s clear is that you can get better engine from it. It should surpass Honda HRV 2015 too.

2017 Honda Hr V Ex Review

2017 Honda HR-V Release Date, Trims, and Price

Are you eager to get your hands on this car? You have to be patient, but it should not be that long anymore. It is almost the end of 2016. So, you can really expect its arrival next year. There are three trims that will be offered in this Honda. They are LX, EX, and EX-L. So, you get more than one option to choose. You don’t have to stick to its base version if you can afford more money to get better one.

2017 Honda Hr V Ex Features

Of course, we are talking about choosing one from those 3 trims here. As for the price, there has been no exact information about it either. However, there have been some talks about it starting with the same price as its previous version. If that is the case then, the base price of this Honda would be around $20,000. Well, it is the reasonable price for this SUV. At least, it is not too pricey for us to afford for car of such kind.

In Conclusion

There you go. Those are the things you can gain by choosing and buying this HR-V. Of course, there are still other things that are too many to even mention one by one here. However, what have been mentioned above are the things you need to note about it, especially it having upgraded infotainment system and more powerful engine. They are the things that are currently available only in this car model after all. Give this car some thought before you can really see it released next year.

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