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2017 Honda Odyssey Review – If you are looking for good car to choose to transport goods or people, we would say that it would be best to pick minivans. Speaking about minivans, the top one you must set your eyes on is Honda Odyssey of course. It is said to be one of the best minivans to choose in the market. You can rejoice too for this minivan will come with more improved designs and features. Let’s learn more about this car here. Only then, you will be able to understand how worth it is to be your choice. Here we go.

The Changes in Odyssey’s Exterior

Of course, this new version of Honda Odyssey will not come unchanged at all. There are things you can expect from it. They might be small, but still recognizable enough to compliment the design of this new car. You see, this minivan is actually made with different body shape. With that, it comes with streamlined look. You better take a closer look at it then. By doing so, you will be able to notice how modern its body lines are.

2017 Honda Odyssey Engine Hybrid

There is no need to worry though. Even if Japanese manufacturer changes its body shape, it ensures that light weight is still maintained well in this 2017 Honda Odyssey. The exterior of this Odyssey Honda will still include the normal exhaust pipes, four wheels, and rear reduced control arms. Besides coming with 4-wheel steering, it might have come with other supportive features as well.

The Redesign in Odyssey’s Interior

If there is one that stands out the most about the new design in this 2017 Odyssey, we would say that it is about it having huge log cabin. This is the most important quality that you need to note about this minivan. With very spacious cabin, you can store lots and lots of items in. Well, of course, the quality of its interior design is something that should be complimented as well. Did you know?

2017 Honda Odyssey Engine Interior

Even if the style remains the same with its Honda Odyssey 2016, the best natural leather material is used to make the seats very comfortable to sit on. With such seat, we are sure that you will be able to relax more even if you are in a long trip. You need to do some more learning if you want to discover everything you can get from this 2017 Odyssey. There are still many things it offers after all.

The Engine of 2017 Honda Odyssey

Odyssey 2017 is not sports car, so it won’t be as fast as that. That being said, it is not slow minivan either. This car is fast enough in its kind. To be exact, the engine used in this car would be 3.5-liter 24-valve V6 engine. Isn’t it wonderful to have V6 engine in minivan? With such engine, you can expect to get more than enough power to run the car. As expected from Honda, this car is great.

2017 Honda Odyssey Release Date

The engine can deliver as much as 248 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. Paired with 6-speed transmission, this minivan offers EPA fuel economy of 19/27 for city/highway with 22 integrated mpg. It should be more than enough power to get from minivan, right? How about the price of this Odyssey 2017 then? Would it be around the same as Honda Odyssey 2016 price?

The Price and the Release Date

Speaking about the price of this Honda 2017, you must have known that it would be different depending on which trim you choose from it. There are as much as 8 trims you can get as your options, actually. The base one of all has its price starting from $29,850. Meanwhile, the most expensive trim of all has its price starting from $45,325. You can pick one you can afford to buy.

2017 Honda Odyssey Engine

The price of other trims should be between those two, no more and no less. Consider the features, specs, etc. too for each comes to offer different things. How about the release date of this Honda 2017 then? There has been no exact date yet being informed, but we suspect it would be around the first quarter of 2017. It is 2017model after all, so you should be able to expect it to come soon.

In Conclusion

There you go. Those are what you need to know about how great this new minivan is. Those things we pointed out about it here are what have been improved from its previous model. They are the things that you will only get in 2017 Honda Odyssey. What do you think now? Isn’t it very promising minivan to consider? You can stuff much items in, have long trip comfortably, drive fast enough because of its decent engine, get various trims to choose, and many more. You shouldn’t miss it.

2017 Honda Odyssey Awd

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