New 2017 Honda Pilot Review

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SUV always becomes a favorite model of car today. If you want to buy a new SUV, it will be a good option to buy 2017 Honda Pilot. It is a SUV that comes with midsize. So, it will be ideal for everyone because it is not too small and not too large. After success with the previous versions, it comes with new versions that bring many improvements. The improvements can be seen on the design, features, techs, etc. For more detailed specs, you can pay attention to the following review.

New 2017 Honda Pilot Review

New 2017 Honda Pilot Interior 1

2017 Honda Pilot Exterior Design Review

Honda Pilot 2017 review starts from its exterior design. Compared to the old version, Honda new SUV comes with the larger body. Because it has the larger body, this SUV also offers 2nd and 3rd seats. Besides that, this new car also applies aerodynamic capabilities with better quality. For the appearance, it stays attractive. It also looks strong and stylish with its various options of color. Overall, the exterior design is satisfying and is success to attract many people.

New 2017 Honda Pilot Exterior New 2017 Honda Pilot Exterior 2

New 2017 Honda Pilot Exterior 2

2017 Honda Pilot Interior Design Review

Moved to the interior, it is also as impressive as its exterior. There are many improvements offered on 2017 Pilot. One of them is the aluminum parts that make it lighter in weight. So, it is better at gas mileage and performance especially compared to the previous version. There are also many complete entertainment systems including a/c customarily systems, power attributes, cruise control, touch display, Audio streaming, Bluetooth, etc. In addition, you can also enjoy the heated & air front seating, leather trim, DVD entertainment AC, satellite radio, etc. It is very impressing, is not it?

New 2017 Honda Pilot Interior New 2017 Honda Pilot Interior 1

New 2017 Honda Pilot Interior

2017 Honda Pilot Engine Review

It is time to talk about the engine used. Many people expect the more powerful engine. Fortunately, this SUV is powered by V6 engine. With this engine, you will find that this car is able to generate a great performance up to 302 horsepower. Besides the engine, there are also some changes related to it. One of them is the cooling unit that comes more sophisticated. Then, you can also find redesigned transmission heating that comes with brand new 9-speed gearbox. There is also 6-speed transmission for the optional choice. For the towing capacity, this 2017 Pilot SUV offers up to 5000 extra weight. That is why it can be considered as one of the most powerful SUVs today.

New 2017 Honda Pilot Engine

New 2017 Honda Pilot Price

2017 Honda Pilot Price Review

After you know about the specs in detailed above, it is very important to know the price. There are many 2017 Honda Pilot configurations available in the market. So, you have to choose it wisely because different models have different prices. Considering the amazing specs above, you cannot be shocked if this car is expensive enough. If you want to buy this SUV, you need to spend money about $ 35,000 for the base model. How about the other higher models? It can be $ 40,000 or more. So, you have to know the specs for every model of this new SUV.

New 2017 Honda Pilot Price

New 2017 Honda Pilot Exterior

2017 Honda Pilot Release Date

Can you buy 2017 Pilot now? Of course you can because it has been released officially in the end of the last year. However, you have to make sure that it has been launched in your country. You have also to make sure that the model you want is available at the dealer where you will buy it. For example, you want to buy 2017 Honda Pilot LX. So, you have to make sure that it is available.

New 2017 Honda Pilot Release Date

What to Expect for the Future Honda Pilot SUV

This is the latest version of Pilot SUV from Honda. However, everyone has the right to expect the future car including this SUV. There are many people who expect this SUV with hybrid engine. So, it will be more earth living and environment friendly. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to expect sportier design. Then, it will be more interesting if there are more options of the color. In addition, it is normal to hope the higher performance every year. What do you expect for this SUV in the future?

New 2017 Honda Pilot Changes

That is all the review of the specs from this new SUV. There are many people who feel satisfied with this new SUV’s specs. After knowing these specs, are you also interested in it? If you are interested, you can prepare the money and then buy 2017 Honda Pilot at the nearest dealer.

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