New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price

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Sport car is always interesting. If you also love sport car, there are so many options available in the car market today. However, you cannot be in hurry to choose your desired car because you have to consider the future sport cars that will come soon. One of the hottest rumors is that there will be launched a new sport car called 2017 Honda S660. It becomes one of the most awaited sport cars today because it will come with many new features, techs, and specs that satisfy the buyers. If you want to know more detailed about it, you should read the article below wholly.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Review

2017 Honda S660 Roadster Exterior Design Review

At a glance, you will be sure that there is no one who will not be amazed with it. It looks sporty and stylish that attracts so many buyers even though it is not released yet. As a sport car, it borrows the concepts of S2000 with some different designs. It will come with NSX system. Besides that, you also cannot find ceiling and skinny protect. It does not only improve the look but also reduces the lightweight. Then, it also comes with small size to optimize the performance.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Exterior

Still related to the exterior design, this new S660 Honda will also have the stronger V shape for the grill. Besides, you will also find LED tech front lighting that is very attractive. From the sides, you can see the wider wheels that will be good for the bigger rims & tires and the better stance. From the back, there is no change compared to the latest version except the new bumper and rear lights. In addition, there is a rumor that it will offer more aggressive body kit. Overall, the exterior design Honda S660 is satisfying enough.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Exterior 1

2017 Honda S660 Roadster Interior Design Review

You will not only be amazed by the exterior but also the interior. When you look into the interior, you will find that there are only 2 seats because it is a sport car. However, there are so many interesting features and techs offered on this new sport car. This new sport car allows you to focus on driving rather than using the infotainment system or air conditioning. You should also not need to worry about the comfort because 2017 S660 comes with the better and more comfortable materials.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster 1

Besides that, you can also enjoy many sophisticated techs and features applied in this sport car. For example, there is satellite navigation. Then, it also comes with labeled song method. It also applies Bluetooth. In addition, it also offers bus ports. You will also be offered with automatic parking assistance that comes with rear cameras. Some other interesting features are seat straps, elegant cruise control, guided lights, and there are still many other features that you can find. That is all about Honda S660 review related to the interior design.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Interior

2017 Honda S660 Engine, Performance and Spec Review

It is the most interesting topic to discuss. We will talk about the engine used by this 2017 S660. The latest version uses 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that offers 65 horsepower as well as 80 pounds feet of torque. How about the future version? It will come with better engine. Based on the speculations from Mugen, this new sport car will be powered by 1.0 liter engine and 3 cylinders. With this new engine, it is believed that this new sport car will be able to generate up to 140 horsepower. In addition, it also offers 122 pounds feet of torque.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Engine

Even though it is not announced officially, we can notice it easily because besides the better engine, it also offers lighter weight to optimize the performance and speed. In addition, the engine will be paired with 6-speed manual transmission. For the speed, the rumors say that 2017 S660 will be able to hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 10 seconds only whereas the top speed can be up to 100 miles per hour. Are you satisfied with the engine above?

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price

2017 Honda S660 Roadster Price Review

After knowing the specs in detailed, it is important to discuss about Honda S660 price. Once again, I say that it is not released yet until now. Unfortunately, the official price is also unknown because it has not been announced yet. So, it will be better to wait for the official price or the release date.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Specs

2017 Honda S660 Roadster Release Date Review

When will this new sport car launched? Most rumors believe that this sport car is going to be released in the early of 2017. Because 2017 has come, hopefully we can see this new sport car in the market soon. We may need to wait for it for a few months. Anyway, Honda S660 can be considered as one of the best choices of 2017 sport cars.

New 2017 Honda S660 Roadster Release Date

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