New 2017 Honda X-ADV Review

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In this year, people are amazed with Honda where they launched 2017 Honda X-ADV in Milan Show. This is a motorcycle that combines scooter platform and adventure bike. That is why it attracts so many people who like scooter and adventure bikes. It comes with many enhancements compared to the previous versions. Even though it has been launched, there are many people who still do not know about its detailed specs. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to pay attention to the review that will be discussed in this article below.

2017 honda x-adv scooter

2017 Honda X Adv 750 Maxi Scooter

2017 Honda X-ADV Redesign & Features

Before we talk about Honda X ADV price, it will be better to discuss about its redesign and features. It comes with new chases with tubular steel that can produce 5.5 gallons. Besides that, Honda X-ADV is also designed with 42 millimeters of bottom side up fork that can provide rebound damping adjustment and spring preload. It also comes with Pr-Link shock that can supply 5.9 inches of travelling. Then, you will also find 17 inch wheel for the front and 15 inch wheel at the back. Both use spokes made from stainless steel that is rust resistant.

2017 honda x-adv 750 maxi scooter

2017 Honda X ADV Prices

There are many features applied on this scooter. One of them is radiant mount 4-piston calipers and ABS. You will also be amazed with its flexible windscreen large instrument screen, twin front lights, and LED lighting. 2017 X-ADV also prioritizes the safety with its hand guards. Then, you have to know that it offers 21 liters of luggage area and Smart Key. If you are interested in it, there are 4 different colors available that you can choose. They are Victory Red, Pearl Glare White with tricolor system, Matt Bullet Silver and Digital Silver Metallic. So, which one do you like most?

2017 Honda X-ADV

2017 Honda X-ADV Detailed Specs

Continued to the specs, this scooter bike is powered by 745 cc of liquid cooled and twin cylinder engine. This is a very powerful engine. Besides that, this powerful engine is paired with Honda Twin Clutch Transmission. It makes this scooter perfect. With this engine, 2017 X-ADV is able to provide high power up to 56 horsepower. In addition, it also offers great torque up to 52 pounds feet of torque. This is really beneficial for off-road environments and also in the city with busy and crowded roads. So, this motor is appropriate for any use including for adventure.

2017 Honda X ADV Release Date

2017 Honda X-ADV Release Date

Still related to Honda X-ADV specs, it offers good fuel efficiency. You need to know that this bike has big fuel tank that can be fulfilled up to 13.1 liters or 3.4 gallons. With this fuel tank capacity, it can run up to 64.6 miles per gallon. Besides, you also need to know that the transmission features two automated settings with MT mode. Then, the S mode can move up & down at the higher rpm & supply 3 performance levels. Overall, the specs are wholly satisfying. Therefore, Honda scooter bike is recommended so much for you.

2017 Honda X ADV Redesign

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2017 Honda X-ADV Redesign

2017 Honda X ADV

2017 Honda X-ADV Prices

As usual, Honda launches new bike with various models. X-ADV also comes in some models. So, if you want to know about Honda X ADV scooter price, it should be based on the models you choose. Unfortunately, there is no enough information about the prices. Even though it is has been launched, we still need to wait for the official release date.

2017 Honda X-ADV Prices

2017 Honda X-ADV Release Date

As it is mentioned before, 2017 X-ADV has been released. However, it is not all countries. So, it may have not been launched in your country. So, you have to be patient until it is launched in your country while waiting the official prices released. Even though the market target is in US and Europe, you can still buy it if you live in Asia or Africa.

2017 honda x-adv specs

That is all the review of this new scooter bike. It is hoped to be able to compete with other scooter bikes in this year. Based on the review above, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best scooters available in the market today. So, you must consider buying it. Because of the interesting specs, Honda X-ADV can be considered as one of the most awaited scooter bikes today. It will be better for you to prepare the money for it. So, if the price is released, you can buy this bike soon. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who want to buy a new scooter bike.

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