New 2018 Acura NSX Type R Review

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People have known and loved Acura for at least 25 years. During those years, Acura has been known throughout the world for its amazing performance and tremendous potential. Honda release NSX as a new innovation at Detroit Auto Show 2012. Later, Honda also releases the type R to their NSX model. This is a mid-engine supercar that will either implement the art technology state or for daily car. The 2018-year model of Acura NSX is predicted to be launched around 2017. Let’s find out more about this car.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Review

2018 Acura NSX Type R Exterior Design

2018 Acura Nsx Type R is covered by aluminum body as well as its engine and suspension. It is regarded as the first car that features those details. The design is exotic and beautiful from head to head. Regrettably, the production is halted in 2005 due to its poor sales: only 9000 units are sold during those 15 years. Later, fortunately, it is rumored that the company is producing the successor of NSX. It is confirmed by Takanobu Ito as Honda CEO in 2011.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Exterior Design 1

2018 Acura NSX Type R Exterior Design 1

A concept for 2012 year model is presented then this car is for sure available. This is a hybrid car. The next 2018 Acura Nsx Type R will offer a supercar with a lightweight body with additional electrical power. The body furthermore is also aggressive as it features sports suspension, strong brakes, unique wheels and some special interior adjustment. Furthermore about suspension, Acura NSX features come with a special suspension and its tuning. They will help you drive safely as the car seems stick to the road. The track brakes are bigger that let you stop in the better way.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Exterior Design

2018 Acura NSX Type R Price

2018 Acura NSX Type R Powerful Engine

What about 2018 Acura NSX engine? A 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine empowers this supercar. It is supported by the additional two electric motors that two of them are placed at the frontend of the car. This car is predicted to produce more than 550 HP or near 600 HP with an incredible amount of torque. You only need less than 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 Acura NSX also becomes the first turbocharged engine by the turbines implementation though VTEC valvetrains are always preferred. The engine is supposed to be managed in the middle. It features a 9-speed automatic transmission with dual clutch and all-wheel drivetrain.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Engine

2018 Acura NSX Type R Interior Design 1

Acura NSX Type R Body: Heavier but Passionate and Prestigious

Nonexistent still becomes 2018 Acura NSX type R exterior’s main theme. It resembles the previous edition. A striking feel and look completes Acura’s sharp and edgy design. It is rather heavier and larger than its sibling by 1600 kg for its weight while the previous model is only 1360 kg. The body is completed by carbon fiber floor and aluminum and sheet-molding compound. An arrowhead shaped design is available for its front end. The front part has more splitters and more aggressive look. Meanwhile, you will have more aerodynamics on its rear wing. Wheels and body are all wider. There is no much available room to maneuver. It also has a large and smiling air-intake grille. The headlights, LED lamps with striking and sharp look, are tilted for about 10 degrees. A row of six large LED lamps and a row of smaller DRL LEDS are featured here. They are just below the lamps. A LED lamps stripe connects them. When you take a look at its lower part of bumper, you can find an air extractor there.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Specs

2018 Acura NSX Type R Interior Design

2018 Acura NSX Type R Price

Luxurious and Stylish Interior Design for 2018 Acura NSX Type R

What about the interior design? You can match 2018 Acura NSX type R interior design to more luxurious and expensive model. Console and fascia are coated by high quality leather. Red and black stitching just makes it perfect and adds delicate contrast for the whole interior. The carbon fiber parts are exposed. The floor is completely comfortable as it is coated by plush like the seat’s central part. You can easily access the control as it has an elevated console. The board computer features a large TFT screen. Below the computer, there are mechanical buttons. Style is an important matter in this car so you will have a sophisticated and stylish steering wheel. It features a carbon fiber top and leather coated grips, a flattened bottom and subtle aluminum shifting pads.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Interior Design 2018 Acura NSX Type R Interior Design 1

When will Acura NSX be released? How much will it be?

It has been mentioned in the previous part that Acura NSX details will be launched in 2018. It is probably at the first half of 2018 and it will be followed by the sales. What about the price? The price has not been unveiled officially. However, the speculation mentions that the price is ranged between $230.000 to $250.000; an amazing price range for amazing car. Let’s have a ride with Acura NSX Type R sooner. It is a great car for family or exclusive ones.

2018 Acura NSX Type R Release Date

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