New 2018 Honda Accord Review

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Honda accord is actually the series of automobile which is manufactured since 1976. It is best known due to its 4-door sedan variants that have been one of best-selling vehicle in US since the year of 1989. Its nameplate is applied to various vehicles worldwide including wagons, coupes, crossovers, and hatchback. So, for 2018 Honda Accord many people have expected that it will brings more than enough improvements both outside and inside that are paired with new design languages which would rocket the sales rate once more. The key updates on this car are expected for being new platforms and additions of new turbocharged engines spec. What would be clear instantly is that the car adopts sportier and sleeker looks for latest generation of its famous mid-size sedan and larger footprint of car means more space within.

2018 Honda Accord change concepts

Talking about 2018 Honda accord redesign, since new design languages will be applied on the insides and outsides, it is hard to come by detailed information related to the exterior design features. However, there are some info gotten from some rumors and spy shoot. On the outside of 2018 Accord, you can find sleek profile with arching rooflines which smoothly merge to the aggressively sloping the rear windows. Also, this car will gain the new-brand corporate grille which adorns larger pilot crossovers and ridgeline trucks that are truly awesome. Its fast cabins echoes that of current Civic sedans and mark the departures from more conservative shapes.

2018 Honda Accord Sport

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Additionally, the next generation of this car would also share their platform with Civic that are new modular designs from the company which are stiffer and lighter than anything used previously by the company for the regular fleets. It should benefits the dynamic quality of Accord considerably. The versions of platforms would also underpin the next generation of CR-V.

2018 Honda Accord Exterior

2018 Honda Accord: interior improvements

As you take a glance at interior on Honda accord redesign years, it reveals that the designer has looked at Civic for getting the inspirations, with compact vehicle’s angular design theme that is being transferred on this new car. This makes the car somewhat wider and also helps a lot within, increases overall comfort for passengers. The interior of this Honda Accord will be updated in the ways where the company combines civic and accord interior to produce something minds blowing. On the technology sides, there will be Honda sensing active safety technologies for being continued as key piece in auto market the sedan and reliable as well as safe family car. The features including automatic braking, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise, and active-lane keeping help earn current cars coveted rating of safety pick on the well-equipped model.

2018 Honda Accord: engines specs

As it comes to discuss about engine equipments, this new car comes across numerous different information and opinions. Some of 2018 Honda accord spy shots mention that the Honda Accord will get 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines which would be pole bearers of next generation. For Civic with same engine will develop 162 lb ft of the torque and 174 horsepower. It probably gets increased for new vehicle. However, there are some opinions that the company probably will throw away 3.5 Liter V6 engines in favors of 2.0 turbocharged units that probably replace those. What are left as good news must be Hybrid version which will be offered also that features same intact 212 HP four-cylinder engines as well as electric motors combo.

2018 Honda Accord Review

2018 Honda Accord: price and release date

Unfortunately, the information related to the release dates of this redesigned car is still unknown. However, many customers and fan expect that is potentially revealed near the end of 2017. The sales probably will start someday around at the middle of 2018. Many people are still waiting and want to see if there are any more changes as well as detailed information about the improvements. Price of this improved car is others thing which are not known for sure. Predictably, it would be something around $30,000 even slightly more. Yet, the prices of 2018 Accord would depend on the engines and trims. For hybrid version, it must be a little but expensive. The price range of hybrid version is something around $39,000.

The company should make uses of modular platform that is debuted firstly on new Civic version a few months ago. Although it is probably seem like odd move specifically for the vehicle like Accord, the new platforms must be more rigid, lighter, and also quite bit much easier for working on. Unlike Civic version that is known as small hatchback, 2018 Honda Accord is quite a little bit large sedan. So, it would really likely feature longer wheelbases, wider tracks, and it must be slightly heavier. Although the car must be lighter than the previous models with up to few hundred pounds, it would allow the company to offer more efficient and smaller engine than before.

2018 Honda Accord Touring

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