New 2018 Honda HR-V Changes

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If you have a plan to buy a new SUV, it will be a good idea to choose HR-V. However, I suggest you to wait for 2018 Honda HR-V. It is the future version of Honda SUV. Even though it has not been launched yet, there are many people who are interested in it. There are also many rumors that discuss about its specs. Therefore, it is very interesting to talk about it, too. If you know more detailed about its review, you can decide whether you will buy it or not. Here is the review.

2018 Honda HR-V Exterior and Interior Changes

People are not only curious about 2018 Honda CRV redesign but also HR-V redesign. This crossover SUV will come with the longer & broader lorry than the previous versions. Besides, it also offers a moon roof that is integrated with glass. From the front, you can see that it applies redesigned grille. Even more, it also applies renewed bumper that is fitted well. In addition, it also applies LED lighting for both front lights and taillights. Lastly, it looks much more aggressive than the previous models. Overall, the exterior changes are impressive.

New 2018 Honda HR V Exterior

Still related to the Honda HR-V design, the interior is also very impressive. This new crossover SUV will have high quality techs and features. For example, you can see the updated infotainment system that makes so many people interested. Besides that, the capability of phone matching also belongs to 2018 Honda HRV changes. There are also many features that relate to comfort, safety and entertainment. The changes do not only make it better than before but also better than the competitors. Therefore, you need to thank to its interior improvements.

2018 Honda HR-V Engine and Specs

It is always interesting to discuss about car performance. Are you curious about the performance of this future crossover SUV? If you are curious, you need to know the engine used. This future car will use 2 options of engine. The first engine offered is 1.8 liter inline-4 engine. With this engine, this SUV will be able to provide up to 152 horsepower. Besides that, 2018 HR-V will also offer about 42 pounds feet of torque. This engine will be paired with wither CVT or six-speed manual transmission.

New 2018 Honda HR V Engine

The second engine option that will be used by this future crossover SUV is 1.5 liter inline-4 engine. This engine is also able to provide powerful performance. 2018 HR-V engine can generate up to 123 horsepower. In addition, you will also be amazed with its great torque up to 117 pounds feet of torque. Different from the first engine option, it is paired with manual transmission. However, it is not offered in the United States market, but only in European market.

2018 Honda HR-V Release Date

Do you know when will this future car released? Because there is no official information about its release date, you should be patient. However, many people believe that 2018 Honda HRV release date will be in the end of 2017. It may be in the next November or December. Anyway, the images of specs are very important.

New 2018 Honda HR V Exterior 1

2018 Honda HR-V Prices

While waiting this future Honda crossover SUV is released officially, it will be better to talk about its price. Actually, the price is also unknown yet. However, we can guess it from the specs offered. Because it comes in different models, the prices are also various. The base model is predicted to be priced from about $ 20,000. The other higher models may be priced more expensively. So, you have to compare them and choose the most appropriate one for your need. After you know the expected price above, you can prepare the money from now.

2018 Honda HR-V Competitors

This future 2018 HR-V SUV is hoped to be able to compete in 2018 car market. There are many other cars that can be considered as the best competitors. Maybe, Toyota RAV4 can be one of the best rivals. Besides that, there is also Ford Escape that is also very interesting. The next competitor is Mazda CX-5 that comes with great specs. Some people may also be interested in Chevrolet Equinox. Other best competitors are Subaru Forester, Nissan Rogue, and Hyundai Tuscon. However, compared to those rivals above, this SUV is still considered as the better choice.

New 2018 Honda HR V Changes

That is all about new Honda HR-V that will come in the future. You can see that the specs are amazing and interesting. So, it is reasonable that many people are interested in it. Hopefully this will be a useful reference especially for you who want to buy a new crossover SUV.

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