New 2018 Honda Prelude Changes and Price

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Sports cars always become one of the best topics to discuss. There are always new sports cars every year. One of the hottest rumors is that there will be an amazing sports car called 2018 Honda Prelude. This is a future version of Prelude as a sport car. To make the buyers satisfied, Honda has prepared everything including the improvements. You will see many changes from this new sports car. What are the changes and how much is it? That is what we will discuss in this article.

New 2018 Honda Prelude Review

New 2018 Honda Prelude Price

2018 Honda Prelude Exterior Design Review

Talking about new Honda Prelude concept will be interested from its exterior design. To optimize the performance including the speed, this future sports car will come with lighter alloy as well as carbon materials. Besides, 2018 Prelude will be designed with coupe model. Then, there will also be some new features offered by this sports coupe. Even more, the body will look much sportier. It can be seen from the sleek feature that is more modern. Besides sportier, it also has more stylish curves and lines that add the elegant look.

New 2018 Honda Prelude Exterior

New 2018 Honda Prelude Engine

There are still many other redesigns related to the exterior. This Honda Prelude will come with sharper grille and bumper on the front. Besides that, the air intakes and headlights are also renewed. For the sides, you can see better wheels. The back is also redesigned. You can see the LED taillights as well as the rear bumper that are redesigned. In addition, this car also applies sport brakes and tires for the best performances. Overall, the design is satisfying for both exterior and interior. However, it is just still Honda Prelude rumors. For the fixed design, it will be better to wait for the official announcement.
New 2018 Honda Prelude Exterior Design

2018 Honda Prelude Interior Design Review

For the interior, this new Honda sports car will bring from Accord and Civic type R. However, there will be some differences. For sure, the interior of this car will come with more convenient and comfortable cabin. It can be seen from the seating that applies comfortable upholstery. Besides, the cabin is also more spacious. Then, there is also sufficient headroom. In addition, you will also be offered with comfortable leg room. So, it will be appropriate for either short or tall driver.

New 2018 Honda Prelude Review

New 2018 Honda Prelude Interior Design

Still related to the interior, 2018 Prelude will come with high tech gizmos. It means you cannot only enjoy the comfortable and luxurious cabin but also the newest sophisticated infotainment features. The techs will be much more advanced. However, for more detailed specs especially related to the interior, it will be better to wait for the official release because there is no enough information about it. Anyway, the discussion above can be the images of this new sports car. So, are you satisfied with this interior design rumors?

New 2018 Honda Prelude Release Date

New 2018 Honda Prelude Interior

2018 Honda Prelude Engine Review

Before talking about Honda Prelude 2017 price, it is important to discuss about the engine used. Based on most rumors spread, there will be 2 options of engine used by this new sports car. The first option is that this car will be powered by 2.0 liter V-TEC turbocharged engine. With this engine, this car will be able to provide high performance up to 253 horsepower. Besides that, it also offers 270 pounds feet of torque. This engine will be paired with six-speed manual transmission.

New 2018 Honda Prelude Exterior Design

New 2018 Honda Prelude Engine

The second option of engine Honda Prelude is 3.5 liter engine with V6 cylinder. This is the more powerful engine so that the power produced is also greater. With this engine, you will find that this sports car can generate up to 317 horsepower. In addition, it will also come with 297 pounds feet of torque. This engine is paired with 8 or 6 speed auto transmissions. Even more, there is a rumor that it will also offer AWD system and hybrid engine. Anyway, it will be better to wait for the official specs.

New 2018 Honda Prelude Release Date

For the acceleration, it will offer the better speed where it can hit from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds only whereas the top speed can be up to 167 miles per hour. 2018 Prelude will also come with greater gas mileage where it can run in the city with crowded and busy roads for 19 miles per gallon whereas on highways it offers up to 28 miles per gallon.New 2018 Honda Prelude Price

2018 Honda Prelude Price and Release Date Review

Talking about price is actually too early because the fixed specs are still unknown yet. However, there are many people and predictors who say that this new sports car will be priced from about $ 33,000 for the base model. The higher models will be more expensive. If you are interested in this new Honda Prelude, you have to wait for its release date that is predicted will be in the early of 2018.

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