2019 Honda Pilot Engine, Price, Release Date, Redesign

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Crossover makes good choice of new cars to buy, indeed. However, depending on the choice, you might or might not find one that can meet your needs. Are you looking for new car to bring your small family everywhere? If so, you should have tried 2019 Honda Pilot. Saying this alone is not enough of course. That is why we are going to tell you all sorts of things about this car here below.

2019 Honda Pilot Exterior

People would still care about car exterior even though engine is what determines performance the most. In fact, exterior design is not all about how the car looks only. Many parts are important for even the car functionality. That is why Honda has this car designed with new LED headlights, revised grille design, updated rear headlights, and extensive chrome. All in all, they make it look pleasant.

2019 Honda Pilot Interior

The car interior is decorated in subtle colors and designed with few bold moves. Depending on the trim you choose, you can get added features from it. 2019 Honda Pilot LX for example, has 5” screen to offer. From the EX trim on the other hand, there is 9” display. With low sheen surface and few garnishes, it looks pretty calm. What’s more? It offers three-row seat, perfect to bring family with.

2019 Honda Pilot Engine

When it comes to its performance, Honda can promise that you will be able to ride well with the car. After all, 2019 Honda Pilot has been featured with 3.5-litre V-6 that can generate up to 280 hp under its hood. With such engine, Honda ensures you good thrust and luxury-level refinement. Now, that’s the good acceleration we all would want to get, indeed. Decent performance is sure to come from it.

2019 Honda Pilot Price

As you know, depending on the trim, the price would be different from one to another. Let us tell you in this 2019 Honda Pilot review that Honda has this car priced starting from $31,450. For three-row crossover, you should expect for the price to be this much. It is still understandable one, of course. The price goes all the way up to $48,020 if you choose the Pilot Elite, the highest trim of all.

2019 Honda Pilot Release Date

Are you interested in buying this car? Fortunately, it hit the showrooms last July and has gone on sale ever since. You should be able to find it easily on the car markets by now. So, grab it quickly since 2019 Honda Pilot is pretty good car model to consider. With all the look, space, and performance it has to offer, you are bound to experience satisfying driving with it. Prove it yourself.

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