New 2016 Honda CR-Z Review & Specs

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Right now, Honda finally releases their beast namely 2016 Honda CR-Z. Based on the overall part of the body, this is inspired by the platform of R type. However, it looks like much sportier than the current ones by adding some elements as a detail. In fact, there are some changes that impact to the interior, exterior, and engines. This will allow us to have an experience of sport car acceleration within a second.

2016 Honda CR-Z Review

2016 Honda CR Z Specs

Engine specs

Generally, 2016 Honda CR-Z configuration will have the same engine on the type but there are some progressive upgrades to balance the changes of the exterior. The change also deals the electric power which is famous with hybrid system. This will push the engine more powerful to run because the divide of power between front wheels and rare wheels. This is absolutely the best composition for the vehicle to maximize the potential design of the auto car. Moreover, the waste pollution also can be pressed into the hit through trend to save the environment. As well, the supply power will be decreased significantly to run every part inside the engine.

2016 Honda CR-Z Engine

2016 Honda CR Z Interior

Comparing to the previous generation, that was empowered by 1.5 liter engine and it just produced 130 horse powers. In contrast, CR-Z is getting developed by enhancement of direct turbocharged. This will lead to the top speed in the number of 220 horse powers. The speed is supported by 1, 5 liter with 4 cylinders and the electrical power rotating 240 lb-ft of torques. In detail, this is overcast that the vehicle will be able to obtain 60 Mph less than 6.5 seconds. This is still followed with 140 Mph to grow in the optimum blast. This power surely compete the level of GTI. The last for the engine, Honda CR-Z is predicted having an alternative transmission with 6 speeds of CTV.

2016 Honda CR-Z Specs

2016 Honda CR Z Price

Exterior of Honda 2016

As it is mentioned that it is following the type R, both of them looks like a cousin. At glance, this is almost sedan as well, but this has slightly different of the assistance. Yet, the wheelbase of Honda CR-Z ex is much shorter than its cousin. Overall, there are not remodeled elements to resemble. This can be seen from the upcoming car which is still concerning to the aerodynamic system. As a result, this can be a power boosted when the air is divided into the car lines. Also, this makes it more futuristic, stylish, and attractive.

2016 Honda CR-Z Release Date

2016 Honda CR Z Review

The most interesting parts in this exterior, dominating blue color, are the front and the rare elements. At the front, the black net grille is little bit lower and this makes the hood also following the grille design. Still in front part CR-Z, the head light is far from the grill with eagle eye model. This gives more attention and focus to light the streets. For the lamp balls, it still uses a standard procedure with three different components. One is white for the headlight, second is call light to sign, and fog lights tied to the bumper.

2016 Honda CR-Z Price

2016 Honda CR Z Engine

For the middle elements Honda CR-Z, obviously there are not significant changes such as the side doors, handle doors, side windows and etc. yet, the color is changed with the combination of dark color on the side window part to the roof. The last, the rare part has unique shape of the trunk. It is united with the body and it maximizes the lugged if we bring a lot of stuffs. Alike the standard composition for front, it is also equipped with the same type of the lights. There are three classifications including the reversing sign and breaking lights. They are available tiding with the headlights and the bumpers in lining shape.

Interiors features

2016 CR-Z for sale has an identical shape and components of type R in the interior. Not only that, the leather material enhances with the special detail of curves to comfort the driver and the passengers. The further features are required to have enjoyable driving experiences. However, the screen display is rather wider with 9 inches. This is located in the dashboard and tells any information of the navigations and charts of the hybrid power. Those elements certainly lead this car into the highest competitor in its level using advanced technology and predecessor.

2016 Honda CR-Z Interior

Time release and car price

2016 CR-Z intends to greet its huge fans in the last moth of this year. Then, this can be inferred that the car will be released in mass-production throughout the middle of the following year. In addition, the detail of the price is not announced officially by Japanese Honda, but it is expected through the specifications for its level, the price could be $25,000 approximately. This price remains the same as long as Honda does not give any luxury details in its production. Hence, you can follow us as the guideline if any further information comes out regarding to this petite car.

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