Honda Civic DX, LX, & EX

What Is the Difference Between Honda Civic DX, LX, & EX

Adeel Amir

The Honda Civic comes in a variety of trim levels as well as Sedan, Coupe, and Hatchback body types. The ...

Honda Civic paddle shifters use

How to Use Paddle Shifters in Honda Civic | Complete Guide

Adeel Amir

If you’re excessively reliant on your Honda Civic’s automatic transmission, chances are you’ve never utilized the paddle shifters or ‘levers’ ...

Honda Pilot DRL Light

Honda Pilot DRL Light – Causes and Fixes

Muhammad Furqan

This article will discuss the meaning of the “DRL” light on your Honda Pilot, common causes of this light, and ...

Honda CRV Battery Light

Honda CRV Battery Light – Meaning, Causes & Fix

Muhammad Furqan

The Honda CR-V’s red battery warning light can be perplexing to drivers. Most of the time, the warning light means ...

Honda Civic new Model

How To Find Which Honda Civic Model You Have

Adeel Amir

Honda has been producing various Civic models since 1972. Body style and trim level change widely across generations and models. ...

tire pressure monitor problem honda civic

Tire Pressure Monitor Problem Honda Civic

Muhammad Furqan

If you notice your Honda Civic’s “Tire Pressure Monitor Problem” light comes on, it can be scary. As a skilled mechanic, ...

Jumpstart your vehicle with ease when facing a Battery Low Start Vehicle.

Battery Low Start Vehicle – Meaning, Causes, and Fix

Muhammad Furqan

When you get a “battery low start vehicle” message on your DIC (Display instrument Cluster), it can be scary and ...

Pre Collision Assist Not Available

Pre Collision Assist Not Available – Possible Causes and Meaning

Muhammad Furqan

The car technology keeps getting better and more complicated as time goes on. There are also proximity sensors, which use ...

Mercedes B3 Service Expert – What’s Included and Cost Explained

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Mercedes-Benz cars need regular repair to keep them running well and safely on all kinds of roads. But many Mercedes-Benz ...

Check System warnings in Honda Civic

Check System Honda Civic – warning , Causes & Fix

Muhammad Furqan

If you get the message “check system” alert each time you start your Honda Civic. This article aims to provide ...